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Doordarshan Kisan unveils first government TV channel with new AI anchors 'Krish' and 'Bhoomi'

The anchors reportedly will be able to speak around 50 different languages.

Today, Doordarshan Kisan has launched its first government television channel. DD Kisan was established by the government of India in 2015.

The channel has also introduced two AI anchors named ‘AI Krish’ and ‘AI Bhoomi’. These anchors can reportedly speak in about 50 different languages.

The aim of 'Doordarshan Kisan' is to give farmers information about farming research, market trends, weather updates, and government programmes. The channel will be available to farmers in every state across the country.

The channel will also give farmers real-time information to help them make better decisions quickly. This will support the three-dimensional aspects of farming, that is, environmental, economic, and sociocultural).

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