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Government and digital news publishers hold talks over revenue sharing with big tech companies: ET

News publishers are seeing an adverse impact on their business seeing big tech use monetise internet traffic with news content.

The government and online news publishers, as per an Economic Times report, held exploratory talks on the demand of the Digital News Publishers Association (DNPA) for a revenue-sharing mechanism with big tech firms such as Google and Meta for using their content.

Big tech Cos aggregate and distribute the content created by others and monetise the generated internet traffic, the DNPA says it has been adversely affecting the business of digital news publishers.

The report says I&B secretary Sanjay Jaju chaired the meeting to understand the issues DNPA had raised. It was about the "imbalance of bargaining power, unfair competition and sharing of advertising revenue between technology companies/ intermediaries and Indian digital news publishers."

Australia and Canada have taken legal steps to make big tech companies pay local news publishers for using content generated by them.

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