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JioCinema amps up advertiser advantage for IPL 2024

The new offerings have been designed to enhance brand promotion and maximise the potential for scale and targeting on digital platforms.

Viacom18 has introduced new advertising innovations for the upcoming IPL season, including unique offerings that are a first for the Indian broadcasting industry. JioCinema has expanded its offerings to assist advertisers regardless of their marketing goals or business scale. Each new proposition has been designed to enhance brand promotion and maximise the potential for scale and targeting on digital platforms.

Every offering from JioCinema this season has been designed to cater to a particular purpose, such as enhancing brand impact, seamless brand integration, effortless lead generation, and fostering greater engagement through innovation.

Here is a snapshot of JioCinema’s offerings for IPL 2024 with their use cases for advertisers:


JioCinema has introduced a new feature called Brand Spotlight, which takes advantage of the IPL's unique ability to bring together the entire country, particularly on the opening day. This feature enhances brand visibility by allowing five selected brands to debut their IPL campaigns during the first match, giving them a rare opportunity to stand out without the constraints of a traditional mass media campaign. This exclusive chance to launch their exciting IPL campaigns on the opening day will help these brands capture the attention of viewers who are eagerly anticipating the most entertaining ad campaigns of the season. Additionally, brands will have the opportunity to share the story behind their IPL campaigns through the JioCinema app.

In addition to Brand Spotlight, JioCinema’s Masthead will also support video from this season, making it the go-to destination for brands to launch new products, announce sales, unveil new creatives, and more. Another impact property entering the scene this year is Scorecard Branding, which will allow advertisers to build salience among an audience set displaying sticky behaviour by allowing, the advertiser to own a scorecard, stats, and match analytics.


After testing over twelve feeds during the previous IPL season, JioCinema is now providing advertisers with the opportunity to exclusively own a complete feed. Custom Feeds can be customised to align with a brand’s requirements, providing them with a means to achieve maximum visibility, storytelling, and consideration. JioCinema's innovation for this season also encompasses Vertical Highlights, presenting match highlights in a condensed vertical format similar to popular short-form videos on social media.


Jeeto Dhan Dhana Dhan, saw over 50 million participants last season, with over a billion game plays. This season, JioCinema is opening up the high engagement avenue for brands to partner with them offering salience, special brand message integration, deeper engagements on rewards, and an opportunity to gamify their communication at scale.

Ads for Business

An entire set from JioCinema’s advertiser proposition this season is designed to aid seamless lead generation for advertisers without intruding on the fan’s viewing experience. One such feature is Click to WhatsApp which takes the viewer to a brand’s WhatsApp business chat through a click, while the ad plays on the screen. By overhauling the process of redirecting consumers, JioCinema will help brands talk to their audience one to one on WhatsApp while they watch the IPL in PIP mode. On the other hand, Auto-fill Ads is devised to simplify consumer data collection by removing several layers of friction in this process. These hard-working midrolls reflect already captured data, leaving the user with just one field to fill, no matter what the product, service, or experience they are signing up for.


One leg of JioCinema’s proposition also focuses on better integration through which brands will now be able to create their own stories and campaigns to reach a wider audience by accessing Cricket’s biggest social media influencer pool, comprising 100+ cricketing legends/influencers and celebs for their social media activations.

“The launch of our array of offerings around IPL 2024 showcase the degree to which customisations are possible in digital advertising along with bringing great value to the table,” said Viacom18 Sports Head of Revenue, Anup Govindan. “For the consumer, we continue removing barriers to accessibility, affordability, and language, while for the advertiser, we continue innovating, democratising the process, and setting new industry benchmarks. Brand Spotlight, in particular, will become an anchor offering in the years to come for its compelling proposition.”

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