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JioCinema's nationwide roadshow gathers momentum ahead of TATA IPL 2024

Advertisers from JioCinema last year shared their experiences with the TATA IPL on the caravan.

As anticipation builds for another TATA IPL season, JioCinema is drawing to a close its nationwide roadshow series, which aims to bring together a wide range of advertisers in one location. The multi-event series will cover nine Indian cities by the end of February, has been showcasing the expanse of offerings from JioCinema for TATA IPL 2024 and rekindling conversations on the potential of digital on the back of results that advertisers witnessed last year.

The caravan, which has travelled to the cities of Bengaluru, Kolkata, Patna, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad so far, has featured a number of advertisers who spoke about their experience with TATA IPL on JioCinema last year. Conversations also threw light on what new advertisers coming on board can expect from this season, particularly in relation to regional reach, connected TV expansion, and cohort targeting, thus making a case for why digital is the right medium for this spectacle and the sort of scope and scale it offers.

“Innovative Ad formats and new offerings from JioCinema for IPL ’24 look exciting and that could help unlock an incremental audience for brands like ours. The possibility of shaper targeting on the back of innovative Ad solutions even with a smaller investment/budget is a great thing that we are looking forward to this year”, said, Ravi Kumar lead – brand management, Raksha Pipes.

“Regional feeds during IPL is a powerful tool to reach audiences is specific geographies rather than having a spill over (on other platform) this will help us plan region specific campaigns to reach audiences in the likes of Haryana, Punjab, UP and more with regional feeds on JioCinema this IP”, said Rajeev Gupta, AVP – Bounce Electric.

“For a brand like ours where we are very specific when it comes to who we want to reach out to & JioCinema gives us the exact type of cohorts based on languages, 4K or CTV devices to reach that affluent audience, and ensures that our budgets are allocated in the best way to maximize the campaign”, said Saumya Gupta, brand head – DaMensch.

“Paragon is mass brand, for us the common man and the mass audience matters a lot, we are looking forward to reaching this audience via regional language feeds and unlock an incremental audience via Jio 4G feature phones cohort, other offerings from JioCinema also look promising and we are excited to partner with JioCinema to make the most out of this IPL”, said, Shawn Chandy, CMO – Paragon Footwear.

“With the advent of connected TV the barriers of expensive advertising, and spillage during the campaigns (which happens on Linear TV) are being eliminated by JioCinema, Also JioCinema’s planner tools to look at reach frequency and other key metrics for our clients is an amazing thing which is not possible on traditional mediums”, said Abhishek Mukherjee, chief business officer - The Media Ant. 

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