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Microsoft collaborates with news outlets to integrate AI into journalism

Microsoft collaborates with news outlets to integrate AI into journalism

Microsoft has announced to partner with several news organizations to integrate generative AI into journalism practices. The American multinational company aims to work with the industry to enable newsrooms to innovate and adapt to the changing landscape.

The collaboration involves assisting organizations in defining responsible AI procedures for news gathering and business operations. The technology company is also focused on training a new generation of reporters on practical AI applications and finding ways for AI to enhance business efficiency, ensuring sustainable newsrooms for the future.

Semafor is working with Microsoft to use AI tools for research, source discovery, and translation through Semafor Signals, aiming to help journalists deliver diverse and credible sources to their audiences.

The Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY is launching a tuition-free program for experienced journalists to explore integrating generative AI into their work and newsrooms. The program, led by Nikita Roy, spans three months with a hybrid and highly interactive approach.

The Online News Association is introducing programming to support journalists and newsroom leaders in navigating the evolving AI ecosystem through its AI in Journalism Initiative, offering various opportunities for collaborative exploration and experimentation.

The GroundTruth Project, known for deploying local journalists globally, is adding an AI track to enhance reporting efficiency and newsroom sustainability through the AI in Local News initiative.

Nota, a startup focusing on incorporating AI tools into newsrooms, has expanded to over 100 newsrooms with support from Microsoft. Their suite of tools helps newsrooms broaden audience reach and tailor content to audience information needs. Nota will soon release PROOF, a new tool providing real-time recommendations to journalists and editors.

The collaborations involve industry groups, academics, local news advocates, and global newsrooms, collectively working to educate, experiment, lead, and scale AI solutions. 

Each organization has access to Microsoft experts, technology, and support, committed to sharing project results with the wider industry.

Microsoft emphasises direct collaboration with newsrooms, universities, journalists, and industry groups to leverage AI for audience growth and streamline newsroom tasks. The goal is to support thriving newsrooms with the necessary technology to fulfil their essential function of informing the world.

Recognizing the dependence of news organizations on responsible innovation, Microsoft underscores the link between fact-based news survival and healthy democracies, thriving communities, and civic participation. 

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