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NDTV Marathi to prioritise long-term sustainability over short-lived attention-grabbing tactics

Gaurav Barjatya, marketing head, NDTV Network, speaks about its plans to promote the new regional channel.

On the occasion of Maharashtra Day (May 1), NDTV launched a new regional channel for the state - NDTV Marathi. The channel says it aims to deliver high-quality and uncluttered journalism and will cater to the discerning needs of Maharashtrians with a steadfast focus on the forward-looking ethos of New Maharashtra.

NDTV Marathi has launched in a market that has established players like ABP Majha, TV9 Marathi and News18 Lokmat. Gaurav Barjatya, marketing head, NDTV Network, says lasting consumer trust is built through consistent delivery of promises and it will differentiate itself in this market by prioritising long-term sustainability over short-lived attention-grabbing tactics. 

“In the realm of brand differentiation and marketing campaigns, there are two approaches: one focused on grabbing attention with potentially irrelevant elements, and the other centred on delivering meaningful value consistently. Our philosophy strongly leans towards the latter. While attention-grabbing gimmicks may provide temporary differentiation, true success lies in earning consumer belief through consistent, meaningful delivery over time,” he says.

NDTV Marathi
NDTV Marathi

To promote the launch of the channel the network’s plan comprised a full 360-degree campaign consisting of print ads in notable publications, as well as activations on outdoor, digital, cinema, and radio platforms. 

“We strategically targeted national and regional print media, with a concentration on Maharashtra. Our regional focus extended to a variety of mediums, including print, customised to diverse demographics in Maharashtra. Understanding preferences based on criteria such as region, age, income, and gender allowed us to guarantee that our messaging resonated with a wide range of audiences across the state,” he says.

It placed a strong emphasis on print media to reach people across Maharashtra, as it's also a medium for news consumption. Following that, digital channels and outdoor advertising played an important role, with significant support from radio and cinema. 

“This multi-channel system ensured comprehensive coverage throughout Maharashtra. Our media approach prioritises customer engagement, ensuring our messaging resonates effectively through multiple mediums,” he says.

NDTV Marathi to prioritise long-term sustainability over short-lived attention-grabbing tactics

It also marketed the launch across the NDTV network and digital platforms. “The NDTV ecosystem is an important platform for efficiently reaching out to consumers. With a loyal base within the NDTV network, we prioritise launching our initiatives internally before expanding them to external mediums,” he explains.

The network has roped in actor Riteish Deshmukh for its launch campaign ‘Nava Maharashtracha Nava Aawaz’. Barjatya says choosing Deshmukh as the campaign's face aligned with its goal of genuinely connecting with Maharashtrian people. “He is a son of the soil and pride of Maharashtra. Him being the face of our campaign speaks of what NDTV Marathi stands for in the context of New Maharashtra. We convey our commitment to the community in delivering quality journalism consistently,” he says.

Speaking about the tagline for the launch campaign, Barjatya says the campaign narrative centred around capturing the mood of Maharashtra, instilling a sense of pride and ownership among consumers. 

“As the country embarks on a new phase of growth, driven by the collective efforts of each state, Maharashtra stands out as a prime example of progress and cultural richness. Recognising this essence, we aimed to infuse our communication with the pride and spirit of Maharashtra, tapping into the state's cultural vibrancy and its role as a growth engine for the nation. Drawing insights from the journey of the average Maharashtrian, who contributes to and benefits from the state's growth, we designed our messaging to touch strongly with our target demographic,” he says.

Barjatya states that the channel aims to serve anyone interested in staying updated about Maharashtra or the Marathi community, delivering honest and truthful reporting through NDTV Marathi.

“When it comes to news consumption, we see it as universally relevant, transcending demographics. Whether it's a college student in Pune, a small business owner in Kolhapur, or a senior citizen in Jalgaon, everyone seeks to stay informed about their surroundings. News serves as a source of comfort, helping individuals understand and contextualise events in their locality, city, or state. While the form of news consumption may vary—be it digital, television, or other sources—the desire to stay informed remains consistent across the board,” he says.

In building the ecosystem, it has adopted a holistic approach for NDTV Marathi as a TV channel and an independent digital platform - With this it will cater to the diverse preferences of its audience, providing content that they want to read, consume, and share on social media or within their WhatsApp groups. 

“Today, content consumption isn't confined by geographical boundaries. Anyone seeking news in their preferred language, Marathi can access our platforms. Be it on our TV channel,, or the NDTV app, we ensure our content is readily available across various mediums,” he says.

This is the third regional channel for the network, after NDTV Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh and NDTV Rajasthan. From two channels, the network has now grown to six channels. The network earlier had NDTV 24X7 and NDTV India. Apart from the two regional channels, it also launched NDTV Profit last year. 

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