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NielsenIQ's study reveals 78% of Indian viewers prefer TV streaming for comfort and quality

The study was commissioned by Amazon for TV streaming trends in December 2023 across 12 major cities.

A study was conducted by NielsenIQ with a sample size of 800 respondents between the ages 25-45 years, with a demographic distribution of New Consumer Classification System (NCCS) under socio-economic level– A.

According to the study, 78% of respondents prefer streaming online content on their TVs due to comfort and better viewing experience through streaming sticks, smart TVs, and set-top-boxes compared to other options like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The increasing popularity of television can be attributed to various factors, including better visual and auditory excellence, the convenience of accessing a variety of content from OTT platforms and online outlets. In addition to the ergonomic benefits that encourage a more comfortable body position, thereby reducing the typical discomfort associated with viewing content on a mobile device.

Other findings of the story also include that speed matters to Indian viewers. When streaming on TV, the most sought-after features according to the respondents were lag-free streaming (39%), and wide range of OTT Apps (24%). They also like the availability of voice assistant for searching content and controlling smart home appliances.

Further, based on a study conducted by NielsenIQ in October 2023, it was observed that Fire TV offers the most advanced TV streaming experience to customers.

NielsenIQ's study reveals 78% of Indian viewers prefer TV streaming for comfort and quality

Parag Gupta, director and country manager, Amazon Devices India, reacted to the same and expressed,“What has remained a constant is our preference to view content on the biggest screen in our homes– the television; be it to stream content on your older non-smart TV, or get more out of your existing smart TV, the Fire TV stick provides a faster streaming experience, simpler content discovery with Alexa’s universal voice search, and access to 12,000+ apps across genres to users.”

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