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The Indian Express’ Digital arm to withdraw salary cuts from November 1, 2020

In April this year the publisher had announced an "up to 30%" pay cut, after the covid induced lockdown.

The Indian Express’ digital arm has decided to withdraw all salary cuts of its employees, with effect from November 1, 2020. Sanjay Sindhwani, CEO – Digital, The Indian Express, made the announcement in an internal email today; afaqs! has read the e-mail.

The development comes on the back of growth in the media company's digital revenues.

Recall that The Indian Express had announced a “temporary salary cut” in April this year as the country went into a lockdown due to the COVID pandemic. The situation had an adverse impact on both print circulation as well as online advertising revenue.

In his latest email about restoring employees' salaries, Sindhwani mentions that digital growth over the last few months has been “unprecedented,” that all of The Indian Express’ websites are “faring well” and that there are “encouraging trends” as far as digital advertising is concerned.

Since the email was sent by Sindhwani to his team, it applies to the group's digital arm. Whether salaries will be restored across the group is not known at this point in time.