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Twitter to label tweets demoted for flouting its policies

Ads will not be run adjacent to labelled tweets.

Twitter is making an update to its enforcement guidelines; it will add publicly visible labels to tweets identified as potentially violating its policies letting users know it has limited their visibility.

The company says the labels will bring a new level of transparency to enforcement actions by displaying which policy the tweet potentially violates to both the tweet author and other users on Twitter.

Twitter to label tweets demoted for flouting its policies

Tweets with these labels will be made less discoverable on the platform. Additionally, Twitter will not place ads adjacent to content that it labels.

While authors will be able to submit feedback on the label if they think we incorrectly limited their tweet’s visibility. Currently, submitting feedback does not guarantee they will receive a response or that their tweet’s reach will be restored. Twitter is working on allowing authors to appeal its decision. 

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