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Zee Business unveils its coverage plan for Budget Day

The channel aims to adopt a platform-agnostic approach and reach audiences where they are. 

Zee Media is gearing up for Budget Day with extensive programming aimed at providing real-time insights and analysis. 

Despite the common perception that interim budgets do not have far-reaching consequences, Anil Singhvi, managing editor, Zee Business, says they are just as significant as it is a great opportunity for the government to address the public before the elections. 

On Budget Day, February 1, Zee Business will kick off its special programming with a Budget Mahasabha featuring an expert panel comprising professionals from various fields such as market experts, economists, income tax experts, and personal finance experts. This panel will be on air from morning until afternoon, providing real-time analysis of budget announcements and explaining their implications across different sectors.

Additionally, Zee Business will introduce a Budget Stock Exchange where 12 experts in fundamental, technical, and derivative analyses will share their investment and trading goals in real time while the budget is being presented. “This allows investors and traders to benefit from expert insights without having to wait for the budget speech to conclude,” Singhvi says.

After the markets close, Zee Business has scheduled a Big Budget Panel from 4 to 5 PM, featuring the top experts from the market who will decode the market comprehensively from both economic and market perspectives.

Beyond the Budget Day, Zee Business is committed to simplifying budget-related concepts for its audience. “Daily, we explain fundamental terms such as fiscal deficit, Section 80C deduction, standard deduction, and differences between new and old tax regimes in brief one-minute segments. Recognising the preference of Gen Z and millennials for quick and easy-to-understand content, we ensure that their explanations are concise and accessible,” he adds.

In addition to this, Zee Business features corporates, bureaucrats, ministers, and policy-makers from Delhi and Mumbai, with tie-ups with organisations like the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), and the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM). These collaborations bring diverse voices and perspectives to their coverage, making it a comprehensive source for budget-related insights. Overall, Zee Business aims to provide an in-depth and easily digestible analysis of the budget and its implications for its viewers.

The channel aims to adopt a platform-agnostic approach and reach audiences where they are. This time, veteran television anchor Vikram Chandra will be joining alongside Singhvi. So its coverage, featuring experts from various industry bodies, will be bilingual. 

A new addition will be the introduction of a QR code-driven ‘Ask Me Anything’ session with Singhvi and Chandra. 

“Despite being an interim budget, we are committed to delivering comprehensive and credible analysis, acknowledging India's position as the fourth-largest stock market. Our responsibility as market leaders is to guide individuals seeking wealth-creation opportunities in the stock markets,” says Madhu Soman, chief business officer, ZEE Business.  

He further adds, “Our commitment extends to providing valuable content accessible across platforms, emphasising a shift towards digital touchpoints. The key takeaway is our innovative use of QR codes to drive engagement through an AMA format.” 

In the digital realm, there are ongoing discussions with sponsors about potential ad solutions. 

“It's early days to determine success, but we approach every conversation with advertisers openly. Our content is attractive to the advertising community, and we collaborate closely with sponsors as partners,” he adds.

Soman says interest from both Indians and global observers highlights the positive momentum in Indian businesses and the economy and advertisers seek to align with this trend.

“The divorce of the Indian economy from the political landscape happened long ago. The Indian audience and advertisers are looking for continuity when it comes to policies so that the stability can lend to reforms that will help us grow even faster and bigger. This recognition has propelled the Indian stock market to the fourth position globally, providing a guardrail against uncertainties. Notably, foreign direct investment (FDI) in India extends beyond investments, with remittances accounting for 3% of the country's GDP. This showcases the confidence of Indians abroad in India's economic trajectory. Zee Business is effectively positioned in this lucrative space,” Soman shares.

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