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After McDonald’s India (W&S) MD and CMO, its corporate chef Swaroop Salgaonkar bats for authentic cheese

One of the QSR’s branches in Maharashtra was caught using cheese substitutes, and not informing its consumers.

First came the McDonald’s India (West & South) MD and CMO, and now it is McDonald’s India corporate chef Swaroop Salgaonkar doubling down on the QSR using only genuine cheese.

This reassurance comes after the Maharashtra FDA revoked the license of a McDonald’s outlet in Ahmednagar district after it was caught using cheese substitutes, and not informing consumers about it.

MD Saurabh Karla and CMO Arvind RP (McDonald's India West & South) also claimed the same while the QSR’s social media channels have taken the same route – the brand uses genuine cheese and is working with the authorities to resolve the issue.

At the same time, dairy giant Amul has called out fraudulent cheese makers for vegetable oil while claiming all its cheese products are made using milk, and nothing else.

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