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Amul claims authenticity over supposed fake cheese makers right as the McDonald’s cheese scandal rages on

The ad uses the trope of a betrayed mother to threaten business loss of the fraudelent cheese makers.

If 2022 saw honey brands claim authenticity, 2024 is the year of the true cheese. Amul Cheese has claimed its wares as superior and authentic because it, unlike companies mixing vegetable oil in their cheese preparations, only uses milk.

Another noteworthy aspect of the Amul Cheese ad is the use of the betrayed mother trope. “Did you not think about the consequences of betraying a mother? There is still time, either change your product or your label,” threatens the mother in the ad.

‘Label’ as mentioned in the ad can mean the words written on the pack.

For example: If you buy a brand ‘SKK 100% Real Cheese’ and find out it is not, the company behind the brand can claim it is only a brand name and not something you should expect in the product.

The ad’s timing is circumspect because it drops at the same time QSR giant McDonald’s battles a cheese controversy after one of its outlets in Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar district was found using cheese substitutes and did not inform the consumers.

The furore led to McDonald’s (West and South) MD and CMO double down on its cheese’s authenticity in two separate videos.

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