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BalleBaazi rebranded as SportsBaazi

The rebranding came with an introduction of the new brand campaign “LIVE Mein Hai VIBE”.

BalleBaazi, the sports gaming platform, announced that it is changing its name to SportsBaazi to show its dedication to improving the sports landscape in India while continuing to grow quickly. Along with revealing the new brand logo, SportsBaazi also announced the start of the “LIVE Mein Hai VIBE” campaign to introduce the exciting “Watch and Play” category of skill games on its platform to increase user engagement.

The company's decision to rebrand and enter the Watch and Play category of skill games is aimed at bringing exciting formats and innovative user experiences to redefine how fans experience and interact with sports. SportsBaazi is preparing to unveil a new avatar that promises to immerse millions of Indian sports spectators in a gaming experience while the event unfolds.

Commenting on rebranding to SportsBaazi and the launch of the “Watch and Play” category, Saurabh Chopra, co-founder and CEO at SportsBaazi, shared, “Our journey began with a simple yet powerful vision of making sports gaming fun while building a community of sports enthusiasts in the country. With SportsBaazi, and the introduction of our spectator engagement category, we are not just rebranding but reimagining and building the future of live sports gaming in India.”

“Our new identity and category will provide fans with a unique opportunity to come closer to the action and engage in real-time. This new avatar will bring millions of spectators in India across sporting categories to come closer.” added the co-founder and CEO.

Understanding how sports fans experience a range of emotions while watching a game LIVE and how their VIBE changes as per the events in the match, SportsBaazi conceptualised the LIVE Mein Hai VIBE campaign. The ad films capture the dynamic nature of live sports experiences and feature India’s pace legend, Zaheer Khan. The spots introduce the “Watch and Play” category and announce the brand’s rebranding to SportsBaazi.

Watch and play is an innovative concept where fans get to not only watch their favorite sports, but also actively participate in them through live skill games. It's an immersive experience that brings fans closer to the thrill of live sports and encourages them to test their knowledge about the sport and player dynamics. The screen flashes questions about how they foresee the next over/set panning out and anticipate the player's performance by being cognizant of variables like the opponent and conditions in mind.

SportsBaazi during the Indian Premier League introduced two new formats, Fantasy Wars and Stats Fantasy. In Fantasy Wars, users have to assess and determine the probability of whose Fantasy team is better throughout the duration of the game. Stats Fantasy is a feature that empowers users to play and win during the match by answering simple questions related to the LIVE events happening in the game.

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