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Burger King Brazil is banking on “feeling uncomfortable” to ward off restaurant visits

It’s the early snippets of an upcoming campaign to promote its drive-thru contactless offering.

Would you walk inside a crowded Burger King (BK) restaurant today, stand close to a stranger, and wait to place your order? Certainly not. The thought of it makes one feel uncomfortable.

It’s this very discomfort that Burger King Brazil is banking on to urge its customers to order from its contactless drive-thru experience. The images above are for an upcoming campaign from David Madrid, a creative agency.

These images are meant to shock and awe before your eyes dart down and you read the fine print. The upcoming campaign comes at a time when Brazil is struggling to contain the Coronavirus pandemic, and is one of the world’s worst-hit nations.

Last year (2020), DAVID São Paulo showed footage of in-store chaos of Burger King Brazil restaurants to discourage visitors and encourage deliveries.

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