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Burger King Brazil shows in-store chaos to discourage visitors and encourage deliveries

It's unsafe to visit a Burger King outlet late at night in this Latin American nation.

Home delivery is the antithesis of a restaurant visit. It's also what everyone suggests you do during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Burger King (BK) Brazil has gone a step further to show everyone why it's a terrible idea to visit its outlets. Along with DAVID São Paulo, the fast food chain has released a shocking footage of activities that take place at BK outlets late at night.

For starters, more than half of the people in the footage appear drunk. We see one being dragged by his knees out of the restaurant. Another one appears asleep and a person attempts to pile up bags and cups on him.

A guy is attempting to smash a windowpane, but ends up falling on his butt. There is pant pulling, throwing french fries at each other, a guy washing his face using the soda dispenser, and a naked man waiting in line to place his order. All this is not a pretty sight.

As per the video's description, BK Brazil says, "What happened here? Only those who have spent the early hours at BK know. Who hasn't passed, good news: there's no need to pass. Offers of up to 70% in delivery between 00h and 6h. Will sleep?"

To go against your restaurant is a courageous move, but when pulled right, it can work wonders. In this case, BK discourages visits to its restaurants and, in turn, promotes social distancing. Well, would you really want to visit the restaurant after seeing the footage? BK also promotes delivery services.

As per a Muse by Clio report, Rafael Donato, creative VP, David, says, "The film shows exactly what used to happen late-night in BK's restaurants. The scenes are composed of material found on the Internet, videos sent in by consumers, and videos captured by our team at BK's restaurants before the pandemic."

Ever since the pandemic struck, BK has stuck to its guns and released ads in its inimitable style. When its outlets reopened in France, it released a video that parodied airline security demonstration.

In India, it offered to bail out quarantine era chefs with a Whopper (its signature burger), provided they upload a picture of their cooking fails with a humorous caption. And, how can we forget the 'Social Distancing Whopper' in Italy, where BK added extra raw onions to its Whooper because bad breath equals social distancing by default.

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