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Burger King France parodies airline security demonstration

The parody is, in fact, a celebration of the fast food chain reopening in France.

As countries across the world come out of their Coronavirus-induced lockdowns, businesses, too, are making a comeback. The restaurant business, for instance, is reassuring people that it's safe to visit them again.

Burger King France wants to reassure its customers that it's safe to visit, as well as dine at, their outlets. And to do that, creative agency Buzzman took inspiration from those who take their safety demonstrations as scripture: Airlines.

The 77-second ad is in French, but trust the fast food major to make an ad that we can understand, despite the French voice-over. Cut in a classic airline safety demonstration, the ad illustrates all the precautions Burger King France has taken for its outlets in the country so that you can dine in and devour the 'Whopper' (burger) without any worry.

This ad comes following rival McDonald's France's ad on June 18, 2020, where it, too, celebrates its reopening. DDB Paris, the agency behind the ad, used brand nostalgia and France's national hobby: Going out to catch eyeballs.

Burger King has developed a reputation to come up with something unexpected to grab eyeballs. For instance, the brand has launched a 'social distancing Whopper' in Italy. It has extra toppings of raw onions, because bad breath equals natural social distancing. In the US, it has people dancing to a 'Burger King' soundtrack and choreographed dance moves on TikTok to earn a $1 'Whopper'.

In India, the brand wanted to help the 'quarantine chefs' with a contest. They were asked to upload a picture of their cooking 'fails', with a humorous caption, to stand a chance to win a gift voucher - a free 'Whopper'. The campaign was called #BailMeOutBK.

At the One Show 2020, Burger King topped 'The One Show 2020 Global Top 10 Client/Brand Rankings'. The brand’s 'Moldy Whopper' was the highest-ranked work, demonstrating its communication prowess.