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Coca-Cola India and Reliance Retail launch PET collection and recycling initiative

The campaign 'Bhool Na Jana, Plastic Bottle Lautana' is centered on gathering PET bottles using RVMs and bins in 36 Reliance Retail stores in Mumbai and Delhi.

Coca-Cola India and Reliance Retail have partnered to launch the "Bhool Na Jana, Plastic Bottle Lautana" sustainability initiative. The project focuses on post-consumer PET collection through reverse vending machines (RVMs) and collection bins at Reliance Retail stores in Mumbai, marking the beginning of a pilot initiative in 36 stores in Mumbai and Delhi. The aim is to expand this PET collection and recycling effort to 200 Reliance stores across India by 2025, with a target of collecting 5,00,000 PET bottles annually in the initial phase.

Kazi Irfan, officer on Special Duty (OSD), Solid Waste Management, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), inaugurated the initiative at Reliance Retail’s Smart Bazaar store in Santa Cruz.

Consumers will have a convenient way to deposit used PET bottles in the installed RVMs and bins, receiving discounts on Coca-Cola India products in return. Reliance Industries (RIL), known for its expertise in recycling polyester and plastics, will handle the collection and recycling of disposed PET bottles. This initiative aligns with the vision for a circular economy and supports the Government’s Swachh Bharat Mission, engaging consumers in responsible waste management and steering away from a traditional linear economy.

Damodar Mall, CEO, Grocery Retail, Reliance Retail , stated, "Indian families have had the habit of not trashing milk pouches, plastic bottles, even newspapers, daily. We clean, collect them, and hand them over to raddiwalas, who in today’s world are the unique front-end army of recyclers. SmartBazaar, as a modern retailer continues to encourage this habit, with modern methods. Our pilot with our store shoppers, with the support of Coca-Cola India and Reliance Industries, is one such attempt we plan to pursue with our wide network of stores."

Greishma Singh, vice president – customer and commercial leadership, Coca‑Cola India and Southwest Asia, expressed, "Coca Cola India and Southwest Asia said, “Through this partnership and platform, we are delighted that we can generate awareness and give shoppers a convenient and engaging way to recycle their PET bottles in return for compelling offers while they are shopping at Reliance stores. Partnerships such as this one built around consumer-centric ideas, we believe, can be a powerful multiplier for progress on collection, recycling, and reuse."

Hemant D Sharma, president - growth and strategy, polyester, Reliance Industries, ssaid,"Reliance stands as a trailblazer in sustainability and circularity, leading India's charge in transforming waste into valuable resources. Recycling 2 billion PET bottles annually, with a plan to scale it to 5 billion, RIL epitomizes a commitment to sustainability that predates current trends and sets the standard for eco-friendly manufacturing. For over two decades, RIL has championed recycling post-consumer PET bottles, demonstrating a foresighted dedication to a greener, circular future."

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