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Dangal TV partners with Lucknow Super Giants as official entertainment partner

This collaboration will bring a fusion of sports and entertainment, with Dangal TV's logo appearing on the jerseys of the players.

Dangal TV has announced its partnership with the T20 League Cricket Team, Lucknow Super Giants, as its official entertainment partner.

This partnership promises to be a fusion of sports and entertainment; both on and off the field. As a part of this association, Dangal TV will have its logo presence on the jerseys of Lucknow Super Giants’ players.

The collaboration will enable Dangal TV to leverage its repertoire of content and programming, aimed at enhancing the overall fan experience during the IPL season. From exclusive behind-the-scenes footage to fan engagement activities, viewers can expect a plethora of initiatives designed to amplify their passion for cricket and entertainment.

In a statement regarding the partnership, Manish Singhal, managing director of Enterr10 Television, the parent company of Dangal TV, expressed his profound interest, stating, "Dangal TV is the default entertainment choice of Indian television viewers, and it simply rules India’s Hindi heartland. It was apparent for us to join forces with Lucknow Super Giants, a team that represents the Hindi heartland of India and a team so synonymous with excellence and passion. Dangal TV believes in putting its viewers first, and this partnership is just another step in that direction. This represents a convergence of two powerful entities dedicated to entertaining and inspiring audiences across the nation and the globe. Together, we aim to elevate the T20 cricket experience to unprecedented heights."

Echoing these sentiments, Colonel Vinod Bisht, MD & CEO RPSG Sports, commented, “We are excited to partner with Dangal TV in the upcoming season. Dangal TV is one of the most influential brands in the Hindi-speaking belt, which resonates strongly with our core fan base. We look forward to what will surely be an exciting collaboration for both brands.”

As the countdown to the IPL season begins, the partnership is poised to redefine the boundaries of sports and entertainment, leaving an indelible mark on the viewers and fans worldwide.

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