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ENO turns on-the-go chewy saviour against acidity woes

Kishlay Seth, the category lead, elaborates on the product's availability in the market across three different SKUs: a single pillow pouch, a pack of 10, and a pack of 30.

ENO, an over-the-counter antacid brand by Haleon, traditionally is consumed with a glass of water to ease acidity. But now, to make it more convenient and accessible to consumers, the brand has introduced a new format solution called 'ENO Chewy Bites’, a chewable antacid. 

Kishlay Seth, category lead, digestive health, Haleon ISC says, “As market leaders, it’s imperative to evolve with changing times and align our offerings with shifting consumer needs. This observation has initiated the journey of chewy bites.”

In the Indian market currently, Digene and Gelusil are also established antacid brands. However, according to industry data, ENO commands a 50% market share in the antacid category in India. The brand entered the Indian market in 1972 through GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). 

To bolster its market share, the brand has launched chewable antacid bites in Tangy Lemon and Zesty Orange flavours.

Seth notes that due to contemporary lifestyles marked by heightened consumption of out-of-home foods, particularly spicy and oily dishes, acidity has emerged as a prevalent issue among many Indians. In such circumstances, consumers are actively seeking a convenient and easily accessible solution that can provide rapid relief.

“The product’s ability to be consumed anywhere, without the need for water makes its perfect solution for out-of-home consumption,” he highlights. 

Despite the higher prevalence of out-of-home consumption in metro areas compared to tier-II/III areas. The product doesn’t target only urban audiences. “The consumption is notably higher in metros compared to tier-II and III cities. Beyond lifestyle choices, various situations like work commitments and travel often demand quick solutions, which ENO Chewy Bites can deliver,” Seth says.

According to him, these instances are not area-specific, the product is mainly curated for convenience.

Demographically, it can be consumed by both adults and children above 12 years. 

The brand has also debuted a TVC for this new offering, featuring a father and son duo on a food expedition during a birthday party, emphasising the consumption of out-of-home food.

In the commercial, the enjoyment abruptly stops due to acidity, and then ENO Chewy Bites emerges as a saviour.

The TVC has been conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, India and developed by director Surjo Deb of Ubik Films.

ENO has traditionally been available in powder form, but now it's also offered in a convenient chewable format. Both solutions effectively tackle acidity problems and target a similar audience. The question arises: How will these products distinguish themselves from each other?

As per the brand, the products' differentiation is based on the timing and circumstances of acidity occurrence. The traditional method requires water, spoons, and a glass for consumption, whereas the new offering is convenient and suitable for discrete consumption scenarios, such as during a meeting when acidity strikes suddenly.

“The convenience reflected in our ad as well, portraying fun family gatherings, where acidity interrupts the enjoyment, traditional relief methods are impractical. With chewable format, it can be carried anywhere,” Seth states. 

To promote the product, the brand will be utilising traditional and new-age marketing mediums. The digital platforms will be used to engage with younger audiences through relatable moments. 

The brand is also focusing on regional marketing by utilising local languages to reach diverse audiences.

“The focus is to maximise the top of the funnel, as awareness is crucial at the outset of this journey for a new product. As we progress, then social media will play a significant role with the influencer ecosystem and celebrating relatable moments,” he mentions.

The antacid brand is looking to spend 70% of its media budget on the top funnel (awareness), while the remaining 30% on bottom-funnel executions to promote the new product line. 

The chewy bites are available in the market with three stock keeping units (SKUs): single pillow pouch, pack of 10s and pack of 30s.  

The pack of 10s and 30s are primarily for e-commerce and modern trade channels, the pillow pouch is the trial pack for general trade channels and chemist shops.

Use cases of ENO

Considering ENO’s versatility beyond aiding digestion, the sachet powder also acts as a substitute for baking soda in cooking dishes like idli, dhokla and more. It is also used as an antacid to relieve heartburn. 

However the brand refrains from endorsing alternative uses for ENO and aims to emphasise the antacid brand.

“Fundamentally, we are an antacid brand, and that's our core identity. As we progress, we remain steadfast in advocating for the right usage while ensuring safety. As a brand, our foundation lies in being an antacid solution," he adds. 

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