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From chalkboards to hashtags: Brands’ Ode to educators

Zomato, Swiggy, Godrej, and more honour teachers on their special day.

As the calendar turns to the 5th of September, it's not just the students donning their thinking caps; brands are joining in on the celebration of Teachers' Day. This special day serves as a moment of reflection and gratitude towards the guiding lights in our lives – our teachers.

It's a day to cherish the knowledge they've imparted and the invaluable life lessons they've shared. Consequently, brands have found creative ways to acknowledge the pivotal role educators play, and they are using moment marketing as their canvas to paint heartfelt tributes.

Teachers' Day, for brands, is not just another promotional opportunity; it's a chance to forge a deeper connection with their audience. Their objective is to evoke emotions and stir memories, all while underscoring the profound influence teachers have on our lives.

Here are some of the brands that have taken up Teachers' Day as an occasion to shine in the realm of moment marketing.

ITC Foods

ITC Foods unfurled a colourful tapestry of appreciation for the ‘architects of society’. ITC’s subsidiaries in Sunfeast Bounce, Bingo, YiPPee!, and Candyman celebrated this occasion across the expanse of their social media footprint.


Zomato evoked a sense of nostalgia with its relatable Teacher’s Day post. Back in our school days, we would often hear a well-known teasing remark from our teachers whenever we claimed we forgot to complete our homework. In response, the teacher would playfully inquire, "Lunch karna bhool jaate ho?" (Do you forget to eat lunch?). Adulthood has a way of catching up with us, as now, lost amidst the demands of work, we sometimes forget to have lunch instead.


Swiggy celebrates Teacher's Day by expressing gratitude to the mentors who have enriched our lives and knowledge, enabling us to know how to behave properly in different circumstances.

Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya

Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya pays tribute to every educator who not only shapes careers but moulds lives. In this spirit, the brand proudly launched a campaign, which captures the essence of the transformative power of teachers and their approaches to their students’ lives. The film captures the inspiring journey of Rohan, a 10th-grade student who found his path to success through the guidance of his teacher, Kaushik Sir. 

Godrej & Boyce

The brand brought to the table a film with a peculiar, but aptly salient theme. Teaching isn’t restricted to a classroom. It certainly isn’t restricted to a generation. The brand has put the spotlight on cross-generational teaching - one where not only the elders may instil some wisdom in the youth, but the youth can also teach them a thing or two about the modern world.

Adda 247

Google-backed Adda247, announces 'Teacher Star Hai' campaign for Teachers Day. Teachers have been an important pillar in the rise of Bharat and have shaped the education landscape since time immemorial. This campaign pays homage to all teachers who have shaped generations and will forever be an inspiration for many more generations.

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