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From fruit frenzy to instant noodle craze Swiggy Instamart reveals Quick Commerce Trends from 2023

In 2023, customers eagerly embraced convenience, placing 67 orders in a day with each delivery taking just 65 seconds.

In just three years since quick commerce started in India, Swiggy Instamart has quickly become a popular choice for fast and convenient delivery, offering valuable insights into the changing consumer preferences of 2023. This year, customers have been using the platform for a wide range of items, from daily necessities to special discoveries, indicating an interesting change in the shopping habits of the country.

Insta-Pur Power: Swiggy Instamart users from the top five cities together form a population that would rank as the 17th most populous country globally. Standout users include a Jaipur resident with an impressive 67 orders in a single day and a Delhi resident who saved ₹1,70,102 annually by fulfilling all shopping needs through the platform.

  • Shop More, Save More: Delhi residents showcased their penchant for indulgence, with a single order comprising 99 items, dominated by chips, chocolates, and cookies. The highest single order reached ₹31,748, featuring a mix of coffee, juice, cookies, nachos, and chips.

  • Self-Care and Beyond: Users embraced the convenience of finding self-care and grooming products like nail polish removers, shavers, and nail clippers on Swiggy Instamart. November witnessed a significant 3233% increase in searches for air purifiers, prompting a stocking of ₹30,00,000 worth of air purifiers in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai.

  • Seasoned Trio and Mango Mania: Onions, tomatoes, and coriander leaves retained their positions as the most frequently ordered trio of items. Bangalore emerged as the mango capital, ordering more mangoes than Mumbai and Hyderabad combined.

  • Snack Spotlight: Makhana took center stage as the preferred healthy snack, with an impressive 1.3 million orders.

  • Top Searches: Milk, followed by curd and onions, topped the list of most searched items on Swiggy Instamart.

  • Delivery Milestones: Swiggy Instamart's delivery partners covered a staggering 29,95,13,538 kilometers in 2023, showcasing a commitment to reaching customers far and wide. The fastest delivery of the year occurred in Delhi, with a packet of instant noodles delivered in an astounding 65 seconds.

  • Shopping with Purpose: In September 2023, Swiggy Instamart introduced the bag opt-out feature, resulting in close to a million eco-friendly deliveries within two months.

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