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Haldiram's positions its RTE range as travel meal in 'Bawaal'

The in-film placement is subtle, and effectively communicates its use case and also how it can be made.

While on a long vacation abroad, there is one thing that always makes one miss home. The craving for a 'masaledar' Indian meal. While many international tourist destinations have Indian restaurants, a simple conversion can kill your hunger.

Haldiram's latest ready-to-eat (RTE) range has positioned itself as an answer to this yearning. And to drive this positioning home, it plugged itself in the latest Bollywood film 'Bawaal'.

The snacks and sweet brand launched its RTE range, including curries like dal makhani, combos like rajma & rice, and convenient instant cups like poha and upma, last month. In 'Bawaal', we see the lead characters enjoying a rajma rice meal for dinner. The in-film placement is subtle, and effectively communicates its use case and also how it can be made.

'Bawaal', starring Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor, is a story of how a couple emerges out of a troubled marriage with the help of a Europe trip. After lugging the heavy suitcases up the floors of an Amsterdam hotel, the duo is too tired to step out for a meal (an all too familiar scenario during a Europe holiday). Kapoor then suggests that they make a quick meal out of Haldiram's RTE range.

The film has a humorous backstory on how the couple comes to possess food packets. And, it is not one of those irritating plug-ins, but a well-thought out narrative. The film also doesn't suddenly go into an advertisement mode, displaying the entire range of Haldiram's products, but simply shows two products - enough to introduce the new range to us. Kapoor then goes onto show us how it can be made in a hotel room in the absence of a microwave, gas or induction stove.

As the film has a larger theme around travelling, Haldiram's was a perfect fit. The film also ensured that it did not take away from the storyline and plugged the RTE range subtly. For example, the brand name is mentioned only once. The entire promotion is woven into the narrative and makes it appear like a seamless part of the story.

Beyond this scene, we also see a packet of Haldiram's Khatta Meetha Namkeen packet in another scene. But it is the indistinguishable packaging that makes one realise the brand and there is no unnecessary dialogue pushed in. As a part of its partnership with the film, the brand has also launched a Bawaal Gift Hamper that includes an assortment of Indian dishes.

Haldiram's positions its RTE range as travel meal in 'Bawaal'

Last month, after introducing the new range, the brand launched a campaign 'Haldiram's Pack Kiya Kya?' urging consumers to carry their RTE food packets to enjoy a home-away-from-home experience during their trips.

Speaking about the campaign, Divya Batra, head of marketing at Haldiram's, said in a release, "Haldiram's is an integral part of every household, serving as a staple brand for dry snacks and instant foods. Understanding the emotional connection that the Indian masses share with Haldiram's on every occasion, we wanted to ensure that they never miss out on our astounding flavours, even when they are away from home. That's why we encourage them to carry their favourite RTE foods from Haldiram's by simply asking them, 'Haldiram's Pack Kiya Kya?'"

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