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Hrithik Roshan stars in latest Zomato delivery boy-led spot

The latest in a series of communication, featuring Zomato's delivery personnel, stars Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan.

Zomato's latest piece is an attempt to thank its delivery personnel. The delivery boy carries food up a swanky building only to be greeted by Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan himself. He smiles and tells the delivery boy that he wants to take a selfie with him and he agrees, but just then, his phone starts buzzing with a new order.

While the delivery boy is happy to be recognised by the star, duty calls and he leaves, to deliver the next order. This seems to be an attempt to thank the delivery personnel for the work they do, come rain or sunshine. It remains to be seen if Roshan will actually order food on Zomato, or willingly offer to take a selfie like that, but we will leave those details to creative imagination.

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This video comes hot on the heels of Zomato's controversial video, featuring comedian Danish Sait. As a part of this video, Sait took on the roles of a Zomato delivery boy for a day in a bid to humanise the delivery personnel.

This video, however, drew a lot of flak after a food delivery personnel took to Twitter to voice his concerns and frustrations about the video. He spoke in detail about how the customers were generally much ruder, the delivery boys had to drive in much faster, riskier circumstances, and of how the restaurants they were delivering dishes from, did not treat them respectfully.

Sait took to social media and posted an unconditional apology, acknowledging the points that the Twitter user had made in his letter. In response, the video was taken down from all of Sait's social media handles. However, it continues to exist on Zomato's official YouTube page.

The video was a paid collaboration between two parties and, hence, Zomato was additionally criticised for misrepresenting how the delivery personnel felt in reality. In the past, Zomato has acknowledged that the delivery men and women play an important part of its delivery fleet, and have starred in important roles in past communication - especially since the COVID pandemic struck.

Last year, Zomato ran a contest in which it invited users to create ads for the platform in exchange for a cash prize. Of the top five prize-winning entries, three paid homage to delivery personnel and the important work they do. Don't miss the delivery man turning into a stuntman in the prize-winning entry.