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Standup comic Danish Sait apologises for video where he plays a Zomato delivery boy for a day

The video of Sait's collaboration with Zomato drew flak from netizens for not depicting the realities of the profession.

The most underrated employees of the food delivery ecosystem are the delivery personnel. In his latest video, comedian Danish Sait takes it upon himself to experience what it's like to be a delivery professional in Bengaluru. We see him wearing the signature red Zomato shirt and ride all over the city with a mask on, delivering food orders.

Update: Since the time this story was published, the video was criticised on social media for not depicting the reality of the job of being a Zomato delivery person. A Twitter user called 'Delivery Bhoy' tweeted an open letter to Sait, describing the things he goes through in a day and pointed out that the video appeared to be fake and scripted.

Sait took to social media and posted an unconditional apology, acknowledging the points that the Twitter user had made in his letter. In response, the video has been taken down from all of Sait's social media handles. However, it continues to exist on Zomato's official YouTube page.

Recently, Zomato had released a video in which two delivery personnel try their hand at eating fancy food from different parts of the world. The duo is seen eating sushi, hummus, risotto, etc, and reacting to the flavours for the first time as they compare it to the Indian food they eat at home.

Earlier this year, during the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021, Zomato’s co-founders Deepinder Goyal and Gaurav Gupta had starring roles in ads that reassured people that ordering food online is safe.

In two individual spots, both 15 seconds long, created in-house by the brand, the duo appear against a red backdrop, in a branded black T-shirt. With identical scripts, both the films open with the two saying, “This is a message from Zomato.”

Other than stating that food delivery is safe, both Goyal and Gupta also mention that last year (2020), the brand’s delivery partners delivered crores of orders safely. They also ask the viewers to stay at home and stay safe - a message that they have consistently been sending to their viewers ever since the COVID pandemic started.

We've also seen Zomato employee Sahiba Bali star in various content pieces for the YouTube channel. She stars in Mukbang, 'top ten', and lifestyle videos.

Zomato has put delivery personnel in an important role in its past communication too, especially since the pandemic struck.

Last year, Zomato ran a contest in which it invited users to create ads for the platform in exchange for a cash prize. Of the top five prize-winning entries, three paid homage to delivery personnel and the important work they do. Don't miss the delivery man turning into a stuntman in the prize-winning entry.

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