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Lil Nas X spoofs a courtroom scene for Nike v Satan Shoes

It’s a scene where he is defendant, prosecutor, juror, and judge.

Lil Nas X is literally facing the court if the teaser for his upcoming new single 'Industry Baby' is to be believed.

The rapper shared a video titled "Nike v. Lil Nas X — Satan Shoes Trial", a two-minute courtroom sketch over his Satan Shoes that was released in March this year to coincide with his song ‘Call Me By Your Name's' launch.

The Satan Shoes designed by MSCHF collective sport a pentagram pendant over the laces, its price ($1,108) a reference to a Bible verse about Satan's fall from heaven and supposedly, the shoes supposedly contain a drop of real human blood.

Folks were outraged because they believed it was a customised version of Nike's Air Max 97 sneakers. Nike refuted the claim and filed a case against MSCHF collective for selling an unauthorised version of its shoes.

In the sketch, the 22-year old rapper plays defendant, prosecuting lawyer, juror, and judge. While the case is about Nike v Satan Shoes, it takes a sharp turn when the lawyer asks Nas X, “Do your momma know you gay?” and the moment Nas X replies, “yes”, the judge sentences him to “five years in Montero State Prison” while a juror remarks, “Yeah, lock him and throw away the key.”

The video rolls into credits that say “Industry Baby” features Jack Harlow and is produced by Take a Day Trip and Kanye West.

Lil Nas X had been tweeting about this for a while and there’s even a website calling for his release.

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It’s hilarious to watch the rapper take the case between Nike and MSCHF collective turn it into marketing gold for his upcoming new single.