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McDonald's India (West & South) brings anime fandom to life with WcDonald's

For a limited time, fans will also receive manga-inspired packaging featuring WcDonald’s Crew characters.

Embracing the anime-fandom among Gen Z, McDonald’s India (West & South), owned and operated by Westlife Foodworld Limited, steps into the anime world with the launch of ‘WcDonald’s’ in the country. In anime culture, McDonald’s has been referenced as WcDonald's by anime fans and creators alike.

The WcDonald’s identity is a hat tip for this culture and fandom. From the launch of a limited-time savoury sauce, new collectable manga-themed packaging and an anime-themed restaurant to the release of four anime films, each of these elements is an ode to anime fandom.

For a limited time, fans will also receive manga-inspired packaging featuring WcDonald’s Crew characters, sketched by iconic Japanese manga artist/illustrator Acky Bright.

McDonald’s India has also unveiled a transformation of its restaurant at Linking Road in Bandra, Mumbai. Inspired by the anime world, this WcDonald’s restaurant aims to transport diners into a realm where fantasy meets fandom.

Conceptualised by DDB Mudra Group, the restaurant's décor and ambience has undergone a complete makeover, capturing the essence of the much-loved anime aesthetics.

Arvind R. P., chief marketing officer, McDonald’s India (W&S), said, “Anime culture is booming in India, particularly among the Gen Z. For years, anime fans have been bringing their favourite brand to life in many ways within the Anime universe. The McDonald ’s-inspired ‘WcDonald’s’ is a case in point. Now, WcDonald's transcends fantasy, becoming a reality. We honour our fans' imagination by authentically manifesting the WcDonald’s universe in our restaurants while inviting them to be part of our story like never before. WcDonald’s embodies our dedication to integrating our brand with popular culture, offering unique experiences that wow customers. We invite everyone, particularly manga enthusiasts, to step into this immersive anime world.”

Rahul Mathew, chief creative officer, DDB Mudra Group, said, “You’ll be surprised how big the anime community is in India. And we realised that the anime universe has been tipping its hat to McDonald’s through its many avatars. We felt the best way to acknowledge and celebrate this community was to bring one of the avatars from the anime world to the real world.”

Produced by renowned animation house Studio Pierrot, the first official WcDonald’s anime will unveil episodic shorts exploring the flavourful WcDonald’s Sauce and Chicken WcNuggets. These films will be available on McDonald’s India’s owned social channels.

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