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Mentos-Fanta fusion: a quest to amplify brand image, not just revenue

Gunjan Khetan, marketing director, Perfetti Van Melle shares the objective behind the limited-edition launch, expectations and more.

Viral videos showcasing the explosive blast with the combination of Mentos and carbonated beverages have undeniably captivated internet audiences. In response to this widespread interest, Perfetti Van Melle has launched Mentos Fanta chewy candy, a limited edition offering in India.

Building upon the global success of the brand has launched a limited-edition single and multipack offering in India after the success of the product globally. The product is available in the form of a Re 1 candy and a Rs 10 roll of candies weighing 2.7g and 28g respectively. 

Prior to its Indian debut, the company rolled out the limited edition product in Western Europe, experiencing robust revenue growth and significant shelf presence in the region.

Gunjan Khetan, marketing director at Perfetti Van Melle, underscores the company's commitment to innovation, citing successful past endeavours such as Happident and Juzt Jelly. 

The venture aims to introduce innovative products to customers, leveraging the synergy between these distinct brands. Khetan explains, “Despite the distinct identities, Mentos and Fanta share common ground as both are esteemed global power brands, synonymous with refreshment and fruity allure.” 

Khetan goes on to elaborate, stating that the product has been strategically crafted as a summer offering to align with its international popularity during the season. “Our intention is to recreate the same level of appeal and excitement that the product generates globally, within the Indian market," he adds.

The product was launched on June' 23 and will be available for just two months in the market. 

Catering to the Indian Market

Notably, the diverse consumer behaviour in India diverges from global trends. For the Indian consumer, taste and preference also vary considerably and the market is also price-sensitive. 

“In India, Mentos is one of the strongest brands we’ve developed over the years with a loyal following whereas Fanta is loved for its fruity flavour, especially during summer. Bringing these brands made sense to us when they’re popular,” Khetan affirms.

The distribution strategy for this product encompasses modern trade, general trade, e-commerce, and self-service outlets.

Khetan clarifies that the collaboration's core motivation isn't solely revenue-driven. Rather, it aims to bolster the brand's image, reinforce its market positioning, and align with the brand's ethos. “We’re happy with the outcomes we’re observing like conversations and market results. This partnership is beneficial for us,” he highlights.

The company is gearing up to promote the product with a digital campaign with on-ground activations. 

In a bid to target Gen-Z and millennials, the brand has partnered with influencers like Scout, a notable gaming influencer, and Sonal Devraj for product promotion.

According to Khetan, the essence behind Mentos+Fanta lies in fusion – a concept that represents the harmonious merging of two potent yet unique brands. This theme is meticulously woven into their communication strategy, directed towards the contemporary youth. 

Elements like gaming, dance, and music take the forefront in this approach. “Our aim is to enlist influencers who embody this fusion concept on social media. This forms the crux of our focus," he asserts.

Exploring Gifting Avenues 

As candy consumption evolves, its role in gifting has expanded. Previously exchanged in local kirana stores in lieu of small change, candies now find their place in gift baskets and as standalone gifts for various occasions.

Their versatility, array of choices, and appealing packaging render them a fitting choice for gifting, even in the corporate sphere. Does the limited-edition Mentos Fanta chewy candy intend to tap into this gifting potential?

Khetan responds, "We are actively considering it. While it might be immediately applicable to this specific limited edition product, we are consistently exploring this avenue. We've got an idea in mind that's consistently on our radar. We're always in the process of experimenting and innovating to identify the ideal gifting combinations that will resonate with our consumers.”

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