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Mentos rescues Orry from ‘Aam Zindagi’

The brand’s new spot reflects on how the candy adds a twist and edge to everyday life.

Remember the very entertaining ‘Yeh hai Aam Zindagi. Yeh hai Mentos Zindagi ads’ from Mentos? Well, the Perfetti Van Melle owned packaged candy brand has brought them back with a twist. The brand has collaborated with internet sensation Orry.

In a looping video spot shared on Instagram, the brand depicts Orry's frustration and discontent as he grapples with back to back interviews and podcasts that he has to do since his new found fame. The lines ‘Aam Zindagi, Routine mein phasi’ in Ghazal style in the background.

Orry then spots two packs of Mentos kept at the interviewee’s desk and pops a strawberry flavoured Mentos in his mouth. He is then hit with a burst of freshness and enthusiasm and we see him posing for a number of magazine covers in the ‘Orry Style’ with the lyrics ‘Mentos Kha Liya, Bani Mast Zindagi’ playing in the background.

The magazine covers reflect all the buzz and chatter around Orry.

The confectionery and chewing gum maker, launched in India 2003, is known for championing the use of humour as a central theme in its advertising campaigns.

Orry is currently one of the most prominent viral sensations on the internet in recent history, having engaged in a substantial number of advertising ventures. and has done a fair amount of advertisements. His appearances on popular reality shows such as Bigg Boss and Koffee With Karan further solidify his suitability as an ideal ambassador for a brand that primarily targets the youth as well as the GenZ.

The campaign has been executed and conceptualised by Schbang. The 30 second Instagram ad featuring Orry, is part of extended Instagram collaborations that the brand has been executing with young internet personalities and stars.

The previous iterations of the campaign include collaborations with bollywood actor Palak Tiwari and singer Jasleen Royal. Both the collaborations also showcase the celebrities being tired and bored of their everyday life, this is followed by the act of consuming a Mentos to freshen up and brighten their mood.

Mentos’ ‘Aam Zindagi’ appeal

Mentos’ advertising often emphasise the transformative impact of consuming their product, portraying it as a catalyst for a refreshed outlook on life, and a simplifier of daily challenges. Many of their ad campaigns enjoyed widespread appeal on TV in the early 2000’s and were appreciated by audiences across diverse demographics.

The concepts of Dimag Ki Batti Jala De and Ye hai Mentos Zindagi were conceptualised by Oglivy and are still recalled widely today. Over the decades, the brand has created a niche for itself for having a quirky and tongue-in-cheek style of advertising.

A look at some of the most memorable Mentos ads:

It is interesting to see the revival of the Aam Zindagi tagline in the digital world today. In a departure from traditional functional advertising, Mentos' strategy engages consumers through creative narrative approaches rather than focusing on the functional attributes of the product, offering a distinctive perspective that contributes to its brand identity in the market.

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