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Milton teams up with

Milton, a home essentials company, has announced its strategic partnership with, a fitness and wellness powerhouse, to introduce line of dynamic coloured bottles at gyms. Elevating the wellness experience, these bottles will be available at key locations in Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, and Bangalore.

Customers will get to explore and acquire the vibrant collection of coloured water bottles at gyms and conveniently place orders through Milton's website, all while enjoying exclusive discounts. This partnership transcends the transactional, aiming to weave a narrative of wellness, fitness, and fun, creating a vibrant tapestry for every individual who embraces it.

Expressing excitement about this collaboration, Milton’s spokesperson affirms, "We are thrilled to partner with, a brand that shares our unwavering commitment to well-being and hydration.'s extensive influence in the fitness industry makes it the perfect ally for introducing our colored bottle range. These innovative bottles not only ensure hydration during workouts but also empower individuals to infuse a spark of colour into their exercise routine, complementing various looks and adding a personalised touch to the fitness experience."

In response, Mujtabha Magrey, head of operations,, states, "At, we value alliances that contribute to community well-being. Milton's dedication to quality aligns seamlessly with our mission, and their innovative approach adds excitement to our customer’s fitness journey. We infuse fun into fitness at, and with Milton's coloured water bottles, we aim to add not just hydration but also a touch of enjoyment to our members' wellness journey."

As the first in its category to collaborate with, Milton reinforces its dedication to fostering holistic well-being.'s reach and fitness community provides an ideal platform to showcase Milton's latest offerings, ushering in a new era of innovative and wellness-centric partnerships.

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