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Motorola's back with the moto razr

Motorola just unveiled the 2019 edition of the moto razr in the US. The model is powered by Google's Android and flaunts a foldable screen.

Very few would argue with the fact that Motorola's metal cased moto razr (from early/mid 2000s) was the hottest foldable phone of its time. The smartphone brand just announced a comeback of the razr with a 2019 edition. While the older model was a feature phone with two screens (external-internal) and a keypad, the new one has a complete foldable screen on the inside.

The new clamshell-style moto razr flaunts a flexible display and the model is the result of development and testing of over 20 prototypes during the initial consumer research phases. It retains the original stainless steel slim and sleek form while avoiding the in-trend shiny colours.

The older moto razr
The older moto razr

It now has a 6.2-inch 'Flex View' display with 21:9 aspect ratio and once it's flipped shut, it's half the size of a modern day smartphone. razr’s external 2.7-inch interactive display, throws up important notifications such as messages and music, takes stunning selfies and allows the usage of Google Assistant.

Priced at $1,499.99 (roughly 1 lakh rupees) the new razr will be available in-store in the US starting January 2020. It will also be available in Latin America, Asia and Australia. Registrations for India are already open.

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