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Mumbai's century-old Parsi Dairy Farm dons a new avatar

The rebranding by Please See is geared towards acquainting the brand with today's generation.

Parsi Dairy Farm has partnered with Please See, a Mumbai-based branding agency, to give a fresh identity to the 107-year-old company. It started as a small dairy by Nariman Ardeshir with a single can of milk in Princess Street, South Bombay in 1916.

Now, it has got a new robust face, envisioned and led by the fourth generation- Zeenia K. Patel, Bakhtyar K. Irani, Sarfaraz K. Irani and Parvana S. Mistry. 

The team at Please See has built a language that speaks to new audiences, while remaining true to Parsi Dairy Farm’s heritage. The two-year-long rebranding has changed the minutest of details, like manufacturing the ghee jars with a dent at the bottom to help customers scoop out its goodness, down the last drop and packaging for the butter, which doubles up as a dish, ready to use on dining table.

The agency reconceptualised the wildly popular ‘milk drops’ as ‘The Great Indian Toffee’ and reimagined the flagship store with a fresh brand language. 

It worked with strategic partners Orman Consultancy and the owners- Zeenia, Parvana, Bakhtyar and Sarfaraz, to reinterpret Parsi Dairy Farm for a new generation and its oldest, most loyal patrons, in equal measure. 

“At Parsi Dairy Farm, we sought exceptional teams for this branding opportunity. Our aim is to propel the 107-year legacy of this brand to new heights, ensuring its endurance for the next century”, said Zeenia about the collaboration with Please See for packaging and designing effort. 

Speaking about it, Pritha Sahai, co-founder and creative director, Please See, said, “For us, it’s always been about immersing ourselves in the brand to see how best we can breathe relevance into it. With Parsi Dairy Farm’s packaging, we reconstructed it to become a part of our daily lives, while preserving their sanctity, and just giving it a new wardrobe.” 

Avinash Thadani, co-founder, Please See, added, “We wanted to be rich, traditional and authentic, while still being relevant. The redesign goes against a lot of the minimal, clean trends of today- it’s busy, Indian and bold. We are blessed to have worked with someone that had this long-term vision for their brand, because that felt aligned with the way we think, too."

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