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Netflix's Money Heist rings in the bell at the Bombay Stock Exchange

The video streamer got actress Ananya Panday to surprise fans and also managed to pull off a money shower.

The promotional marketing activities for Netflix’s Money Heist do not appear to stop across the world.

In India, the video streamer took over Bombay Stock Exchange with fans pooling in wearing the iconic red jumpsuits and Dali masks and the bell was rung, of course. This was followed by a money shower and hiding beneath one of the Dali masks was actress Ananya Panday.

After surprising everyone with her reveal, Ananya, like a super fan, joined the affair and watched a short exclusive preview of the much-awaited Money Heist Part 5: Volume 1.

Earlier in August, to create excitement amongst fans, Netflix has released ‘The Money Heist Fan Anthem’ ahead of the show’s release. The music video ‘Jaldi Aao’ is a recreation of the show’s iconic title track ‘Bella Ciao’, and is a celebration of everything ‘Money Heist’. The anthem is composed by EDM artiste Nucleya and conceptualised by Creativeland Asia.

Netflix also tied up with Pepsi unveiled a limited edition set of golden cans and packs inspired by the iconic series.

And in what was the most unusual bit of hype we saw for the show, Jaipur based firm called Verve Local took to social media to declare 3 September (release date for the first half of season 5) as a holiday for its employees.