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Parksons Cartamundi and Mumbai Indians collaborate to launch new playing cards

MI Paltan and enthusiasts are collaborating to release 2024 season playing cards, providing ways to interact with their favourite stars.

Parksons Cartamundi, a player in the evolving world of playing cards worldwide, is thrilled to announce an association with Mumbai Indians. This partnership brings forth a limited-edition season 2024 collection of playing cards, providing MI Paltan, cricket fans and enthusiasts with ways to interact with their favourite league’s stars.

Cricket is more than just a sport in India - it is a shared passion that unites fans. With the cricket season in full swing, MI Paltan and Asli Fans crave ways to celebrate their favourite teams beyond the stadium. Understanding this, Parksons Cartamundi decided to collaborate with the Mumbai Indians team to launch the new range of playing cards - a collector's dream, designed to honour the five-time champions, the Mumbai Indians!

Leveraging Parksons Cartamundi’s manufacturing expertise and technology, this range caters to both seasoned card players and casual enthusiasts alike. The deck of cards habe been produced using cold-foil technology. Unlike traditional methods, the foil bonds into the paper like ink rather than foil being pasted on the paper board. This seeks to create a smooth, luxurious feel with unmatched detail, giving you the opportunity to be among the first to experience the brand's innovative use of this technology.

This playing card collection features three SKUs, each crafted to capture the essence of the Mumbai Indians and their players with elements of cricket:

Mumbai Indians Cold Foil Paper Playing Cards: Stunning cold foil detailing elevates these cards to collector's item, a must-have for die-hard fans.

Mumbai Indians Swivel Box Plastic Poker Playing Cards: Built for durability and performance, perfect for seasoned players or intense family game nights.

Mumbai Indians Twin Pack Paper Playing Cards: A convenient double pack featuring captivating designs, ideal for casual play or on-the-go entertainment.

This officially licensed collection, designed in close collaboration with the Mumbai Indians, features caricatures of the Mumbai Indians cricket players, adding a touch of personality and charm to every card. A must-have for any die-hard fan, this exclusive collection also comes with a unique game specifically designed to be played only with these decks.

Speaking about the launch, Kapil Kejriwal, CEO and MD, Parksons Cartamundi, said, “At Parksons Cartamundi, we remain committed to leveraging our industry-leading manufacturing and printing capabilities to bring the best playing card experiences to India. We have already established a global presence with iconic brands like Bicycle, with over 150 years of heritage. Recognizing that a deck of playing cards is an inherent part of every Indian home, and cricket being a national religion, we saw the perfect opportunity to combine these passions.”

Our collaboration with Mumbai Indians gives us the opportunity to create an exquisite portfolio of playing card SKUs with each deck delivering an unmatched playing experience at accessible price points. This is not just about cards, it is about celebrating the spirit of cricket and offering MI Paltan and Asli Fans a way to connect with their team in a whole new way,” he added.

Stefaan Merckx, group CEO, Cartamundi, said, “India has been a critical market for Cartamundi since our partnership with Parksons began in 2010. Together, we have successfully launched global brands like Bicycle and Copag, constantly striving to bring the best of the playing card industry to Indian consumers. At the same time, we are committed to fostering a playing card community in India, targeting collectors, magicians, and cardists alike. This elegantly designed Mumbai Indians range caters to both collectors seeking a delightful addition to their collection as well as casual players looking for the perfect deck to elevate their game night."

Here is a detailed look at the features of the new Mumbai Indians playing card collection:

Mumbai Indians Cold Foil Paper Playing Cards: Presenting the official Mumbai Indians Cold Foil Playing Cards - Season 2024, an opulent deck with a premium feel and stunning light reflection. Crafted with a cutting-edge printing process called "cold foil," these cards feature intricate gold details showcasing the Mumbai Indians logo and cricket elements. Imagine a special type of printing that uses metallic foil instead of ink, allowing for incredibly detailed and vibrant designs! Shining gold foil detailed with the Mumbai Indians logo and cricket team characteristics, these cards come in a custom-made, sturdy box shaped like a jersey. Their glittering texture and fully themed artwork make them ideal for a variety of card games such as Blackjack, Poker, and Rummy. These cards represent the spirit of the Mumbai Indians cricket team with each hand dealt, making them a must-have for both fans and card enthusiasts. This product is priced at Rs. 999/- and is available across general trade, Official MIShop, Amazon and Art Of Cards.

Mumbai Indians Swivel Box Plastic Poker Playing Cards: Introducing the Mumbai Indians Poker Playing Cards for the 2024 season which is officially licensed by Mumbai Indians team and crafted with precision, each deck features high-quality PVC cards illustrated with unique caricatures spotlighting renowned Mumbai Indians cricket players. They also include each player’s distinctive jersey numbers and initials on each card. With 25 unique jerseys to collect, die-hard fans can complete their collection and experience the thrill of owning every iconic number of their favourite player’s jersey numbers. A must-have for the MI Paltan, this deck brings the excitement of the game to life in your hands. The poker-sized cards boast a sleek casino-style back design, proudly displaying the iconic Mumbai Indians logo, ensuring they stand out during every game. This product is priced at Rs. 349/- and is available across general trade, Official MIShop, Amazon and Art of Cards.

Mumbai Indians Twin Pack Paper Playing Cards: The Mumbai Indians standard Playing Cards Set for Season 2024 includes two colorful decks that highlight the players and components of the franchise. Each deck is presented in a stylish flip-top box and features original artwork throughout in addition to the recognizable Mumbai Meri Jaan design on the backs. These bridge-sized decks with regular index, made of superior cardstock, are ideal for a variety of card games, including Rummy, Poker, Bluff, Crazy Eights, etc. This collection is perfect for both fans and card enthusiasts. This product is priced at Rs. 299/- and is available across general trade, Official MIShop, Amazon and Art of Cards.

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