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PeeSafe introduces fruit and veggie wash

The company has introduced the product under the RahoSafe brand umbrella.

The coronavirus gave birth to a new category of products in the immuno-hygiene space - produce wash. Marico's Veggie Clean was the first on to market and sell the product and shortly after, players like Godrej, CavinKare, ITC entered the market too.

The latest entrant in this new category is PeeSafe. Under the RahoSafe umbrella, PeeSafe has introduced a fruit and vegetable wash. Raho Safe Fruit and Vegetable Wash can be used to clean your fruits and vegetables every time you go back home from grocery shopping.

RahoSafe's fruit and veggie wash
RahoSafe's fruit and veggie wash

While RahoSafe is one of the brands under the parent company PeeSafe, it could act as something of a mental deterrent for consumers when they learn of the product's origins. This might not necessarily reduce the credibility of the brand, but consumers might have their reservations, considering that PeeSafe first launched in the market with a single product - a toilet seat sanitiser.

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When afaqs! spoke to Pee Safe founder Vikas Bagaria in December 2019, he said he had never been in a situation where people expressed discomfort over the name. He did, however, admit that online reviews for other products, such as sanitary pads, said it's a 'wrong name' for the brand.

In the pandemic, RahoSafe, like many other companies has introduced a host of hygiene related products to its lineup. This includes a neem based hand wash, hand sanitiser, multipurpose surface disinfectant sprays, floor cleaners and disinfectant cleansing wipes.

RahoSafe products
RahoSafe products

“We’ve had to clarify that it is a brand name, not the product name,” says Bagaria. In the same article, he also mentioned that the larger strategic intent was to use the name to build a strong online, and offline presence for the Pee Safe brand.

“We have created a brand, and are building trust among our customers. Just as a classical CPG (consumer packaged goods), such as shaving cream, we have a high repeat rate. Apart from online, we are present in over 5,000 stores in 50 cities,” he mentions.