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Peter England introduces a Neem Tulsi collection, joins other brands looking to win the 'immunity' space

The brand claims the new collection will make you look good while staying protected.

The 'immunity' space is one of the buzziest ones in India right now thanks to the pandemic and the increased awareness among people to stay healthy and to keep their immunity levels high. As a result, several brands are taking measures to introduce products or tweak their present offerings to include 'health' and 'immunity' in some form to allay consumer anxiety.

Peter England, the menswear brand from Aditya Birla Group has joined this list of brands when it recently introduced a neem tulsi collection. To announce this launch, the brand released a video whose YouTube description read, "...designed for your protection with the goodness of Neem and Tulsi herbs." We also couldn't help but notice the foreign-looking models (we can be wrong) in the ad promoting the infusion of traditional herbs in its apparel offerings.

The 60-second ad extols the benefits of neem and tulsi – traditional herbs that have been part of our culture and continue to be even today. They offer greater immunity and protection from bacteria and germs. As per the video, there are four benefits the apparel infused with neem and tulsi offer:

They are anti-bacterial

They offer UV protection

100% natural extract


While one can expect immunity from things we consume, to see other industries jump into the space is quite surprising. Back in July, the textile and fabrics industry saw many companies announce products (fabrics) that could repel or destroy the Coronavirus.

With the number of cases increasing in India to an alarming extent (India created a world record on August 30, 2020, with nearly 80,000 cases), the need for immunity will increase and so will such brand offerings. We'll keep you updated as and when they're announced.

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