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Pokémon partners with Mumbai Indians for IPL 2024

Pikachu is present at the Pokémon booth in the Wankhede stadium to show support for the team and interact with visitors at the venue.

Pokémon, a global entertainment brand, has become an official partner of the Mumbai Indians for the 2024 season, in an unexpected tie-up between sports and entertainment. Pikachu, the most well-known and loved Pokémon, has been present at the Pokémon booth in the Wankhede stadium to show support for the team and interact with visitors at the venue.

The Pokémon booth has welcomed more than 34,000 visitors over the four home games held so far. Fans enjoyed meeting Pikachu, taking pictures around the booth, and receiving some exclusive freebies designed specifically for the event showing Pikachu wearing the Mumbai Indians jersey. Pikachu will continue to make an appearance at the booth for the remaining three home matches as well.

Susumu Fukunaga, corporate officer at The Pokémon Company said, “Cricket is the most popular sport in India and getting a chance to showcase Pokémon at the famous Wankhede Stadium in collaboration with the Mumbai Indians has enabled us to highlight Pokémon’s presence to a wide variety of audience. This is a one-of-a-kind collaboration for us. We are delighted to see the excitement and smiles on visitors’ faces when they meet Pikachu and receive the free goodies.”

A Mumbai Indians spokesperson said, “We're thrilled to welcome Pokémon as a partner of the Mumbai Indians Family, providing them with a platform to connect and celebrate the shared passion that both MI and our paltan have for cricket and Pokémon.”

To celebrate the partnership, The Pokémon Company announced plans to hold two Instagram campaigns in which participants who follow their account, leave a comment and tag their friends stand a chance to win tickets to one of the remaining home matches or special MI-design jerseys.

The Match Ticket Giveaway campaign will be held from April 18 to 22 in which tickets for the remaining three Mumbai Indians matches will be up for grabs. Three lucky winners (one for each match) from all the participants who meet campaign regulations will receive five tickets each. The Mumbai Indians Jersey Giveaway campaign will run from April 25 to May 13. Three participants who meet all campaign regulations will win a Mumbai Indians Jersey each. Details of the campaigns are available on Pokémon India’s official website.

Pokémon and Mumbai Indians also plan to share a few videos on their Instagram accounts showing fun interactions between members of the team and Pikachu.

The Pokémon Company hopes that apart from visiting the Pokémon booth at the Wankhede stadium, people will actively participate in the Instagram campaigns and enjoy the collaboration in the digital space as well.

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