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R K SWAMY introduces Centre for Study of Indian Markets

The first strategic initiative has been commenced by CSIM during the ongoing World Cup Cricket. Titled 'A I M'.

R K SWAMY, the Indian-owned integrated marketing services provider, has launched a think-tank – Centre for Study of Indian Markets (CSIM) – to conduct large-scale studies, as well as smaller targeted studies, to shed light on the nuances of the Indian market.

The first strategic initiative has been commenced by CSIM during the ongoing World Cup Cricket. Titled 'A I M' this is not just another research study but a thoughtful scholarly evaluation that will offer a comprehensive view on how World Cup Cricket was watched on Television and OTT/digital channels, and measure the impact of advertising comparatively among advertisers. It will encompass multiple disciplines in a single study. The study will provide a clear view on advertising recall and memorability linked to quantified media spends and weights, along with a review of the creative communication deployed. The study will thus paint a full canvas of what transpired during the World Cup aggregating all advertisers and their activities. The research component, with over 6,000 respondents, is being conducted by Hansa Research, a subsidiary of the company.

R K SWAMY Media Group will provide the input on media spends by  advertiser/brand. The study, curated by senior professionals, will be customised for each subscribing advertiser. The study covers 12 World Cup matches – nine India matches, two semi-finals and the final – the most viewed of all matches. The results will be available to subscribers after the conclusion of the World Cup 2023.

With thousands of crores of media and marketing money being spent on Cricket, the industry can benefit through this aggregate study focussed on learning what works and what can be improved. The current effort is expected to shed light on how advertisers can be more efficient and effective with their investment in high profile cricket broadcasts, and how media owners can better price their cricket offerings.

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