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SBI, Signpost, Aerion and EaseMyTrip partners with Mumbai Festival

The festival is scheduled for January 20 to January 28, 2024.

The Mumbai Festival welcomes- State Bank of India, Signpost India- a digital out-of-home (DOOH) player, Aerion Group and EaseMyTrip as its partners for 2024 event.

The inaugural edition of this annual event, promoted by the department of tourism, Government of Maharashtra, will boost tourism and establish Mumbai as an evergreen tourist destination. The nine days will feature cultural festivals, music, dance and cinema events, and food festivals to bring communities together.

The rich legacy and heritage of SBI stand as a symbolic representation of the impactful partnerships formed with the Mumbai Festival in its inaugural edition.

To scale the event's experience, DOOH specialist, Signpost India (SIL) has taken on the role of infusing celebration with sustainability initiatives using cutting-edge digital outdoor platforms. Leveraging innovative technology, Signpost India ensures festival communications remain dynamic, exciting, and in tune with the latest developments.

Aerion Group joins the Mumbai Festival in its first edition as an inclusivity partner. It finds the common principle of being inclusive, sustainable and celebrating the community, similar to the Mumbai Festival that is enabling experiences for everyone.

EaseMyTrip is the official travel partner of the Mumbai Festival, adding a unique dimension to this cultural extravaganza. Leveraging its travel and tourism expertise, EaseMyTrip aims to enhance the festival's appeal, attract a diverse audience, and contribute to the overall experience.

Shripad Ashtekar, founder and managing director, Signpost India, said, "As a strategic partner of the festival, Signpost India is offering mega-canvases, flavoured with digital elements, at metro stations, bus stops, and on city buses across more than 500 touchpoints. "

Dhananjay Kumar Jain, Director of Aerion Group, said, “We are happy to be the Inclusivity partner for the festival as we believe in equal opportunity for one and all and celebrating the Community. Mumbai Festival is one such large community initiative that is inviting everyone to be a part of the biggest event this city has witnessed.”

Rikant Pitti, co-founder, EaseMyTrip, added, “This collaboration signifies our commitment to enriching tourism, fostering community spirit, and elevating event experiences.”

Sabbas Joseph, founder-director, Wizcraft International Entertainment, commented, "With SBI as our banking partner and Signpost India as our strategic partner, we are confident in delivering an unparalleled experience to our audiences."

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