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Schneider Electric renews partnership with Rajasthan Royals as official sustainability partner

This collaboration aims to promote climate-positive actions and create a sustainable impact.

Schneider Electric renewed its partnership with Rajasthan Royals as their official sustainability partner for the third consecutive year. With this partnership, the Rajasthan Royals team and its management reiterated their commitment towards creating a sustainable ‘IMPACT’ and encouraging their fans to become 'Green Yodhas' by taking climate-positive actions.

This partnership aims to amalgamate sports with sustainability using the influencers in the field of cricket. #GreenYodha, the flagship sustainability initiative of Schneider Electric, has created a community of conscious citizens and businesses to drive strong climate action, over the years.

These #GreenYodha are the real IMPACT Makers who are taking progressive and proactive steps towards a more sustainable India and planet.

Speaking about the partnership, Deepak Sharma, zone president, Greater India, MD & CEO, Schneider Electric India, said, "Through this continued collaboration, our goal is to accelerate the awareness about climate change, empower individuals to embody the spirit of ‘Green Yodhas’, and embed sustainable practices into the fabric of sports, thereby becoming the real ‘IMPACT MAKERS’; We are absolutely thrilled to perpetuate our pivotal role as the ‘official sustainability partner’ of the Rajasthan Royals for third consecutive year. This hattrick of partnership boldly underscores our shared vision to construct a sustainable future that embraces and benefits everyone, everywhere."

Jake Lush McCrum, CEO, Rajasthan Royals, said, "We are proud to continue this association with Schneider Electric as our Official Sustainability Partner for the third consecutive season. In line with our vision of making a positive impact on society, we stand committed to continue using the power of cricket and the reach of our platforms to nurture 'Green Yodhas' for the planet."

Emphasising the need to build a climate-positive world through united actions, Rajat Abbi, VP of global marketing and CMO, Greater India, Schneider Electric, said, “This partnership epitomises our focus on responsible marketing and collective commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable living. By leveraging the widespread influence and appeal of cricket, we aim to engage and inspire every sports enthusiast to become a ‘Green Yodha’, who are making the real ‘IMPACT’. Through our strong strategic partnership with the Rajasthan Royals, we are eager to accelerate the sustainability journey, fostering a culture of responsibility and compassion among fans and communities worldwide.”

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