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Sleepwell launches DIY custom mattresses with dual surface types

The double mattresses under the new Cocoon line offer varying levels of firmness for the two different sides of the bed which can be changed as required.

Mattress brand Sleepwell just launched Cocoon, its line of customisable mattresses. The new mattress is aimed at allowing two sleepers on the same bed to have different feels on the same mattress. Users can choose different firmness levels on their side of the bed by rearranging the top foam layers of the mattress.

The ‘comfort layer’ or the top layer of the mattress is again made up of two layers offering different levels of firmness. Users can change the firmness of the mattress by interchanging the layers – from medium to hard or vice versa. The ‘half-half’ or ‘Dual’ mattress provides options of a ortho/back support layer and a medium soft comfort layer.

Variations of the Cocoon mattresses
Variations of the Cocoon mattresses

If a partner who has been using a hard surface wants to change to a softer one, he/she can unzip the mattress cover and flip the top foam layer.

Sumit Sehgal, CMO, Sheela Foam (Sleepwell’s owner company) mentions that the idea cropped up during the brand’s pursuits for personalisation and customised products. “Traditionally, double mattresses have had the same feel for the whole surface for both the sides of the bed. When it comes to a double mattress, one partner has to compromise. Cocoon is designed for couples who may have different sleeping needs and are comfortable with different surfaces on the same bed,” he says.

Sumit Sehgal
Sumit Sehgal

“We’ve been looking at offering personalised products for customers. It is like providing a shirt. But matching requirements of both the partners using the same double mattress has been a challenge. One of them often has to compromise because the feel is common,” Sehgal adds.

The mattress is shipped in a Bed in a Box (BIAB) format where a mattress is compressed and packed in vacuum packaging making it ideal to for shipping directly to customers. After the vacuum packaging is opened the mattress decompresses to its original shape and size and is ready for use. The product is targetted at netizens looking at buying mattresses online and can be bought from Sleepwell’s e-commerce website mysleepwell.com.