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TATA.ev takes charge as the new face of Tata Motors' EV business

Vivek Srivatsa of Tata Passenger Electric Mobility talks about the brand’s new identity and its values. 

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility has launched an all-new brand identity ‘TATA.ev’ which is in line with the brand’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. With the core philosophy of ‘Move with Meaning’ the new identity embodies the values of sustainability, community, and technology.

Vivek Srivatsa, Head, Marketing, Sales and Service Strategy, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility envisions this new identity as a step toward maintaining its leadership in the electric vehicle (EV) market. Presently commanding about 75% of the 4-wheeler EV space, Srivatsa believes the new identity will further boost their market share.

“We've been a brand which has strongly influenced EV adoption in India. We were the first manufacturer who invested time, money, and our engineering bandwidth into developing mainstream EVs. To give you some perspective, today, the EV business of Tata Motors alone is around number seven in the auto industry’s hierarchy as a manufacturer. So it's time to step on the accelerator and go beyond,” he says.

“We are a dominant player and want to continue to be dominant,” adds Srivatsa.

The new identity, Srivatsa explains, helps the brand establish itself in the minds of the consumers. Meanwhile, the other purpose is to also give a home to all the EV innovations coming from the house of Tata. Tata Passenger Electric Mobility's current roster comprises three EV models—Tiago, Nexon, and Xpres-T. The objective of the new identity is also to provide a home for upcoming products and accelerate the adoption of EVs in India translating into increased revenue.

The company had earlier announced that they would be focusing on launching 10 EVs by the end of 2025. Srivatsa confirms the company's commitment to this objective.

Srivatsa notes that EV consumers perceive these vehicles as gadgets rather than just typical four-wheelers. These consumers are purpose-driven and value community connections. The identity also effectively communicates TATA.ev’s essence and values to these audiences, aiming to set the brand apart.

The new identity and its aspects

The new identity has been developed by Landor & Fitch. The visual design embodies ‘Move with Meaning’ and is accessible, open, and environmentally friendly.

The Orbit: The ".ev" within the logo mark is enclosed within the Orbit.grid. This Orbit embodies how TATA.ev fosters a circular ecosystem of human and environmental interaction.

Brand colour: Moving away from the ‘TATA blue’ the new identity will adopt a distinct Evo Teal colour which signifies TATA.ev's innovation and tech-forward ethos.

Inter Typeface: The open-source Inter typeface reflects modernity and accessibility. The adoption of an existing font was a decision born by the brand’s sustainability-first approach. 

Sound: The new identity comes with a sonic branding initiative which aims at balancing between tradition and innovation, evoking a sense of progressing forward.

Bridge: The new identity will have the ‘-’ bridge incorporated extensively in its typography which symbolises a sense of motion.

Through these elements, the company maintains its unwavering focus on sustainability, both with its internal as well as external communication. For instance, the new identity ensures it follows an environment-friendly approach like reducing the ink usage with all outdoor/physical collaterals using a white interface and reducing battery consumption and energy usage with all digital collaterals following a dark mode approach. This will ensure the communication from the brand has a comparatively lower carbon footprint.

Future plans

Tata Motors has achieved a remarkable milestone of 1 Lakh Tata EV unit sales in India. Srivatsa says the last 50,000 units were achieved in a mere nine months. The company also recently announced a comprehensive 3-phase EV strategy as part of its ‘Go Beyond’ narrative. The aim is to implement more futuristic designs, and body types in EV cars at an affordable price. 

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