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Tonic Worldwide's GIPSI launches 'inSIGHT' - a trends forecast report

GIPSI zooms in to share 10 insights for 2024 in its first edition of inSIGHT.

GIPSI, the HI+AI insights division of Tonic Worldwide has launched inSIGHT - an annual new year insights report. The report offers a perspective on the popular sentiments for 2024 and the undercurrents that are expected this year. 

The insights range from well-being related topics, AI, green to gender equality, and make-up. It givers marketers a preview of what can become a mainstream phenomenon in 2024.

Speaking on the findings of the inSIGHT report, Anjali Malthankar, national strategy director and GIPSI co-head, says, “As we enter 2024, some of the themes of 2023 such as AI and Green will continue to engage marketers, but it’s the micro trends and undercurrents, we wanted to throw light on, as well. For e.g. 'Fan of small things' which talks about Discord communities or how consumers are looking for a snooze!”

Unmisha Bhatt, co-founder and CSO at Tonic Worldwide, expressed, "GIPSI exists to add value to brands and businesses, fostering growth. With this brand purpose, we've consistently strived to curate IPs like 'inSIGHT 2024.' This report touches upon behavioural insights that are both relevant and actionable for businesses across verticals in 2024. We're excited to witness the response from brands and anticipate the emergence of campaigns, product innovations, and real-life solutions inspired by our report."

For this report, GIPSI has used a unique methodology of HI+ AI which triangulates multiple data points to decode and deliver actionable insights. The model applied for this report is 360 degree GIPSI which includes Deep listening (digital data) and GIPSI App for a primary check.

Report Highlights:

  • Engineering Sleep: With over two lakh monthly searches on the web, a growing number of Indian consumers are looking for solutions for sleeplessness by researching more on sleep hygiene practices and solutions.

  • Food Fixers: Food is a cure, not just nutrition. Nutraceuticals are getting traction as consumers consider them to be their allies on their path to living a healthy life. There has been a 40% rise in searches for gummies in 2023 as compared to 2022.These include gummies for better sleep, good gut health, healthy skin and hair.

  • Pick Your Therapy: From dancing to art and the melodies of music, people are on the hunt for interesting activity based therapies. Number of Indians conversing about various therapies on Twitter (Now X) doubled since 2022. 2023 saw over 862K searches on yoga as therapy, music therapy, pottery therapy and similar activities. This shift is opening doors for more people to embrace therapy as a form of self-help and self-care.

  • Going Slow mo: Overconsumption, overstimulation, fast life have raised the craving for slowing down among consumers.They are showing interest in hitting the slow button to have a more meaningful life. GIPSI tracked over 133K searches around slow living and mindful practices.3X QoQ search increase for ‘slow living concept.’

  • Do Green: When it comes to sustainability and green living, consumers are demanding action. 190 thousand mentions around actionable green practices saw a rise of 52% in 2023. 1.92M engagement for content related to actionable green practices in the past one year.

  • Gender Inequality is a Turn Off : Love is not blind anymore! 124% rise in mentions around ‘inequality in relationships’ related keywords (e.g: misogyny & dating). 86% increase in conversations about changing wedding rituals for gender equality.

  • AI - A See-Saw of Intelligence : While generative AI brands are in good books, their effects are raising many concerns, thus the rise of the debate of HI v/s AI will be a see-saw of intelligence. 2.2L+individuals exhibit a joyful disposition towards AI. 67K+ exhibit a fearful disposition towards AI.

  • Deepfake can Cause Deep Trouble: Fake is getting closer to real. Fear of harassment, identity theft, and misinformation causing worries among netizens. 1M+ rise in engagement on mentions around deepfake with regard to identity theft. 65% are afraid that deepfake can lead to frauds like identity theft or sexual harassment.

  • Men in Makeup : There is an undercurrent of interest in makeup for men. 47% increase in mentions related to makeup for men in the past one year. 3.2 M+ interactions on content posted by Top 5 Indian Men Makeup Influencers in the past one year. 6% rise in search for makeup for men in 2023.

  • Fan of Small Things : Moving beyond the conventional fandom, Gen Zs are micro fans! 203% rise in mentions about small clubs and clans in the past one year! 3X increase in the number of users talking about building tribes.

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