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WLDD and Interspace collaborate with Veera to raise awareness regarding privacy

A toilet installation, encased within towering glass walls read: "What's Private, Should Stay Private."

Interspace, an integrated communications agency, and WLDD, a meme marketing company collaborated with Veera, India’s first mobile-only internet browser, to unveil a first-of-its-kind installation that champions privacy and security in the digital age.

During the weekend of September 30 and October 1, 2023, Bandra (in Mumbai), witnessed an unconventional toilet installation that read, "What's Private, Should Stay Private." It stood as a symbol of how privacy is treated in the industry today and Veera safeguards the user privacy and security.

Talking about the idea, Arihant Jain, founder and CEO, Wubba Lubba Dub Dub, said, "As creators of experimental marketing, we are always looking for unique ways to engage with and provoke thought in the public sphere. The installation at Bandra Bandstand pushes the boundaries of conventional marketing, delivering a poignant message about the need for digital privacy in today's world.”

Nitin Rastogi, national head - experiential marketing, Interspace Communications, added, "Interspace is thrilled to partner with Veera and WLDD to bring this installation to life. It signifies the importance of safeguarding our digital privacy, much like our need for privacy in everyday life. We believe it's a powerful message and are proud to be part of it."

Veera's co-founder and CEO, Arjun Ghose, said, "This unique campaign perfectly encapsulates our mission at Veera. We've built a mobile browser that places user privacy and security above all else, and this installation vividly illustrates that commitment. Just as we value our personal privacy, we believe your online experiences should remain your own, free from prying eyes. I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to our exceptional team for making this vision a reality."

Adityan Kayalakal, head of marketing, Veera, added, “This installation embodies Veera's core values with a touch of whimsy. We've painstakingly built Veera to be the most secure and private mobile browser, and this installation underlines our unwavering commitment to our users. Your online experiences should be as private as your most personal moments, and we're here to safeguard that privacy."

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