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Zomato allows its women delivery partners to wear kurta on duty

Earlier they were mandated to wear a tshirt. 

One of the most basic rights deprived to women globally is the choice to decide what they would like to wear. Societal norms, judging folks and roving eyes prevent women from wearing what makes them happy. What better gift can a company offer its women employees than the freedom to choose one’s outfit?

This Women’s Day Zomato announced that now on its women delivery partners can wear a kurta as their uniform. Earlier they were mandated to wear a tshirt while on duty. Many women were uncomfortable wearing it.

In a video shared by Zomato on its social media pages, we see its women delivery partners in their new kurta uniform. One delivery partner mentions that she does not mind wearing the tshirt. Zomato has given its women partners the choice to wear whatever they are comfortable in. 

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