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Zomato unveils ‘priority delivery for COVID emergencies’ feature on its app

Orders with this tag will see fastest rider assignment, dedicated support, and only contactless deliveries.

Food delivery giant Zomato and its restaurant partners have rolled out a ‘priority delivery for COVID emergencies’ feature on its app. A user can opt for this feature at the time of checkout.

Deepinder Goyal, Zomato’s co-founder and CEO, announced this feature on Twitter. He wrote, “We will prioritise these orders by providing fastest rider assignment, and dedicated customer support in case of queries… All deliveries to such customers will be contactless by default to ensure the safety of our riders, and subsequent customers.”

A photograph that he shared of this feature carried a crucial message: “Treat this as an ambulance and don’t misuse it.”

It was meant to dissuade people who may misuse this feature for their selfish benefit.

Last year (2020), when the nationwide COVID-induced lockdown was announced in March and the availability of grocery items was in short supply, ‘Zomato Market’ was launched. Zomato had partnered with Vishal Mega Mart and other FMCG outlets to meet the increasing demand for groceries. Just like its food discovery and delivery service, Zomato Market also gave users the option of contactless delivery.

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