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Kinetic India unveils new logo

The out-of-home agency's new logo is colourful and comprises three colours.

Outdoor advertising agency Kinetic has unveiled a new logo. An official note from the agency states that the new logo not only signifies movement and the agency's innovative, creative, fun and bold spirit, but also stands out as a perfect amalgamation of the properties put together.

Kinetic India unveils new logo
Kinetic India unveils new logo
Designed on geometric patterns, symmetry, and directional alignments, the new logo has used the three forces of nature: Earth, water and air. The three forces put together create the 'Kinetic energy' and convert into 'Moving Gears'. With this thought, the new Kinetic Logo in the form of gears not only portrays Kinetic's movement, but also conveys the idea of connecting with each other.

Unlike the old logo, which had a dual colour scheme of white and black, the new logo has green, turquoise and pink colours which represent the five pillars of Kinetic -- agile, focussed, innovative, passionate and responsible.

As per the agency, the new design is a timely and effective symbol, of its new programmatic offering.

Kinetic is a planning and buying out-of-home media and its mission is to pull forward, and make real, the future possibilities of the world of out-of-home communications. It is a WPP-owned company and part of the tenthavenue performance marketing division. Kinetic in India, works with over 100 client partners across 18 offices.

In addition to its core business, Kinetic provides wide-ranging specialist expertise through its complementary service divisions including Aureus, Aviator, Kinetic Active, Kinetic Futures, Meta, Zone and Hi Rezz.