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Mumbai Sea Link billboard is too small to contain all membership benefits of Times Prime

The billboard declares, "The board ran out of space but our membership has more."

In a striking display of creativity and innovation, Times Prime, India's lifestyle membership, has revealed a new billboard on the iconic Mumbai Sea Link. Measuring a 40x40 feet, the billboard declares, "The board ran out of space but our membership has more," illustrating the expansive range of benefits that Times Prime offers.

Designed to visually represent that the numerous benefits of Times Prime cannot be contained within the confines of a traditional billboard, the creative showcases benefits spilling over the edges, symbolising the overflow of value members receive. This inventive approach highlights how Times Prime provides far more offerings than can be captured in a single view.

Innovative design in a traditional space, this visually engaging billboard leverages its unique presentation to capture more eyeballs and generate increased attention. Positioned in one of Mumbai’s most frequented routes, the creative layout breaks from the norm and also sparks curiosity and interest among consumers.

This encourages passersby to explore the limitless possibilities that come with a Times Prime membership, driving more engagement and membership inquiries.

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