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Mumbai Traffic Police launches Safer Streets Initiative inspired by Ganesh Chaturthi

FCB Ulka, introduced a concept to draw attention to traffic safety, wherein Lord Ganesh himself was depicted wearing a seat belt.

In a unique and innovative effort to address the issue of reckless behaviour on the road and promote traffic safety, Mumbai Traffic Police joined forces with Marolcha Maurya, one of Mumbai's beloved Ganesh Chaturthi pandals. The collaborative initiative sought to harness the power of one of India's most cherished festivals to inspire a change in how Indians approach road safety.

This year, during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, Marolcha Maurya, with the creative support of FCB Ulka, introduced a captivating and thought-provoking concept to draw attention to traffic safety. The centrepiece of the pandal was Lord Ganesh himself, who was depicted wearing a seat belt, setting an example for all to follow. Additionally, his faithful vaahan, the mice, were adorned with bike helmets, emphasising the importance of protective gear.

FCB Ulka created an engaging activation that matched the theme of the pandal. They rewrote the popular prayer Sukh karta, dukh harta to incorporate the message of traffic safety. Devotees were given booklets containing the revised prayer, encouraging them to sing it during the festivities. This turned the religious mantra into a powerful reminder of the importance of following traffic rules. The underlying message was clear: If Lord Ganesh follows traffic rules, so should you.

Shri Pravin Padwal, Joint Commissioner, Traffic Police Mumbai, praised the initiative, saying, “Citizens should follow traffic rules. It is for their own safety. What I like about this Road Safety Aarti is that through a traditional tune, you get to know about the traffic rules. I hope people get inspired and start following all traffic rules all the time.”

Shailesh Khandeparkar, executive creative director at FCB Ulka, shared his insights about the innovative campaign, stating, "Most humans will do things out of fear of God. We just added our little twist to it, asking people to follow traffic rules for the love of God. And as it is based on a popular prayer, it is easily hummable, making it easy for everyone to follow the rules."

This collaboration between Marolcha Maurya and the Mumbai Traffic Police is an inspiring example of how tradition, culture, and creativity can be harnessed to address pressing social issues. It demonstrates that change is possible when we all unite for a common cause. As Indian citizens continue their festivities for Ganesh Chaturthi, they are reminded that even during celebrations, safety on the road should not be forgotten.

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