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After Netflix, Disney Hotstar plans to limit password sharing: Reuters

Disney+ Hotstar in India will restrict login access to four devices for its premium users, aiming to address password sharing.

Walt Disney’s India streaming service is planning to enforce a policy in which it will allow its premium users only to log in with just four devices, according to a report by Reuters. This move is intended to address the issue of password sharing in India. 

The report also highlights that the development comes at a time when streaming competitor Netflix has begun notifying subscribers in over 100 countries that additional charges will apply for sharing the service with individuals outside their households.

Currently in India, a user of Disney Hotstar’s streaming service can log in from up to 10 devices, despite the website displaying a limit of just four devices. 

The company has conducted internal testing to enforce the policy, and it is scheduled to be implemented later this year.  The objective of this measure is to restrict logins to a maximum of four devices for premium accounts, as a means to address the issue of excessive device sharing.

"Some people will be incentivised to buy" their own subscriptions with new restrictions in place, said the person, Reuters reported.

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