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Akshar Pathak promotes Pizza Hut's new 'Momo Pizza' on Instagram

Is it cheesy? Is it a pizza? Is it a plate of momos? It's... all of the above.

Leading American multinational restaurant chain Pizza Hut's latest menu addition is one that has netizens divided. The brand has introduced a 'Momo Pizza'. The product is exactly as the name suggests - a cheesy pizza with a schezwan sauce base and momos in the crust.

Akshar Pathak is the latest in a long line of influencers to promote this product on social media. The post is a conversation between him and his friend, where they are arguing about whether they should order pizza or momos, and when it comes down to it, Pathak asks, why not both?

Since many netizens are divided in their opinions about this product, Pizza Hut is using influencer marketing in a bid to convince people to at least sample the product. Some of the influencers promoting this product include chef and baker Pooja Dhingra, film critic Rajeev Masand, and stand-up comedian Naveen Richard.

Pizza Hut has also been engaged in moment marketing, making pop culture references to shows like Squid Game and sporting events, to drive its point home.

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